The New Sonic The Hedgehog Game Is Reimagined Old Sonic

Announced this evening at a special event during San Diego Comic-Con, Sonic Mania back goes back to Sonic the Hedgehog's roots again, only this time Sega's got some top-tier retro talent coming with.

While modern Sonic the Hedgehog games from traditional developer Sonic Team have been a mixed bag, fans have been making excellent 2D Sonic and Sonic-alike games for years. So Sega's tapped them to make Sonic Mania, a re-imagining of the original trilogy, featuring a mix of new levels and rebuilt classics.

Helping Sega build this thing is Sonic fan-game creator supreme Christian Whitehead, retro specialist Headcannon Games and Pagodawest Games, the studio behind the heavily Sonic-inspired Major Magnet.

So it's not breaking new ground, but rather breaking old ground in a new way. Sega's tapped some modern retro masters for this one, so hopefully we'll get something special next year, when Sonic Mania arrives for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


    The Sega 25th anniversary sonic show was possibly the most cringe inducing thing I have ever seen. It was horrific to the point I was actually physically uncomfortable. I highly recommend it just so Im not suffering alone.

    The title animation is just the best. I cry everytim.

    That looked awesome, actually got me pumped. I miss old sonic so hard!

    Sonic Mania looks absolutely on point.

    The perfect team is behind this - they've been making awesome Sonic content for free, out of love, for years, so to have them on this project is just something else.

    Unlike Sonic 2017, there's just no way Sonic Mania can fail. Sonic 2017 could be cool and all, especially if they go the Colors/Generations route. But man, that Sonic Mania trailer and gameplay. So, so nice.

    The title screen alone got me giddy!

    The key to Sonic Mania being a great game is in the level design.

    If they nail the level design (eg. not getting penalised for going too fast), this will be a winner.

    I've been hurt before Sega.... But damn if that doesn't look good

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