Tera’s Player-Versus-Player Battlegrounds Open August 22

Tera’s Player-Versus-Player Battlegrounds Open August 22

With August 22nd’s Argon Queen update for Tera I’ll finally be able to focus my adorable rage on other players without having to deal with that silly party fight system thing they were using. Hooray for battlegrounds!

I am not a PVP player normally, but I make the odd exception. Prior to next week’s update, Tera‘s player-versus-player options were rather limited. I could roll on a PVP server, but that’s madness. There was one-on-one dueling, which I excelled at, a sure sign that it’s broken. And then that weird join up in a group so we can kill each other thing that really confused me, obviously.

This looks much better. I approve.


  • “For an action game like Tera” – steady ping is key.
    I’m not the only one from Australia getting ping spikes up to 600ms. They really need to fix that.

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