The Cutest, Cuddliest Krogan (and Turian, And Asari) You Ever Will See

There are some really cute characters in the Mass Effect series. Liara has charmed many a Shepard with her smile, as has Garrus with his.

But there's cute, and then there's adorable. Like these handmade Mass Effect plushie characters. They aren't for sale, sadly, because they simply take too much time to make. But one patient crafter has made herself a veritable cuddly, squeezable rogue's gallery of Shepard's friends, allies, and even antagonists. Urnot Wrex has never looked quite so squeezable, to say nothing of fuzzy, adorable Grunt. Even the disapproving and sardonic Aria T'Loak looks like she'd be fun to hug.

To see a handful of other favourites from ME2 and ME3, check out the artist's gallery.

Viciouspretty's gallery [DeviantArt]


    OMG!!! *explodes*

    I don;t give two turds about Mass effect, but these are great! it's very obvious that alot of care, time and effort went into the production of these plushies. I'm sure she'd make alot of money if she ever sold them.

    These are awesome looking, would love to own em.

    As for them being not for sale, if you look on etsy you'll find adorable Mass Effect plushies like this. Here's a cute little Mordin plush...

    Everyone forgets the Quarian............ minor typo for Urdnot >.>

    Indeed.... Where's the krogan? Oh in the link? C'mon....


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