The Greatest Dialogue Hits Of The Meat-Headed New Expendables Game

That's the point of The Expendables, right? That they're a bunch of meatheads from another era who are Back To Kick Some Ass?

Even keeping that in mind, this game footage assembled by our video maestro Chris Person is some of the goofiest, most meatheaded dialogue I've heard in a long time. It's practically Duke Nukemesque. I certainly acknowledge that it's no easy task to write in-game dialogue, but this stuff is still pretty lowbrow.

Tina is playing the game for us, so I've not yet had the pleasure. But I'm not sure if meatheaded protagonists blowing shit up is ironic enough in video games yet. It's not passé enough; it's still pretty current. I'm more interested in Evan's idea of making an Expendables-style game with similarly washed-up video game characters.

(Though there is an argument that the video game industry is basically already doing that. Heyo!)


    That was the worst Sly Stallone impression I have ever heard.I reckon if they played that to him he would volunteer to re-do the lines for free.

      Anyone can do a Sly impression, just pretend you just suffered a stroke and slur a lot.

      "Adriaannn! Addriannn!"

    Why does everyone aside from Jet Li in this sound like they've just suffered a stroke? And why does Jet Li sound like the most generic "white guy doing asian accent" possible. I'm surprised he didn't offer the bad guys a serve of "fly ly" with their bullets.

    I think sly sounded like the real deal it was jet li that sounded nothing like himself.

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