The Mass Effect 3 Ending I Wanted, But Never Got

The Mass Effect 3 Ending I Wanted, But Never Got

It may have been extended, but the “new” Mass Effect 3 endings still didn’t give me the closure I needed. I didn’t want touching moments and galactic melodrama. I wanted rainbows.

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  • Lol really? i thought everyone was annoyed that decisions from ME 1 and ME2 didn’t do much in ME 3’s first ending (i’m saying first because i never played the extended). and the fact that you don’t see your crew’s final epic moments or the army you assembled taking down some reapers/troops (Rachni blasting reapers, Aria’s troops going berserk etc).

    • It was a mix of everything really. A certain number of people really didn’t like the darker tone, others found it underwhelming (in the sense that decisions didn’t have any impact), others had problems with the logic and plot holes.

  • Dat reaper.

    Even if this was just Shepard’s dying dream, it’d make for a better ending than the initial one.

    This. Horse. Is. Not. Dead.


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