The PC Franchises Some Gamers Think Are Improving, And Others Think Are Getting Worse

Before we go any further, know that this is not science. It's just the results of a survey a single website specialising in PC gaming ran a little while ago. Like our own grand census from a few years back, that makes it interesting, but not something indicative of the entire gaming population.

Got it? OK, let's get into it.

Most of the results are as you'd expect. Elder Scrolls and Total War out front, C&C and Dragon Age bringing up the rear. There were a few surprises, though. You hear a lot of people bitch about Civ V, but it seems to fare pretty well here. Maybe people who read PC Gamer are just really into it, but it's just as likely to be the result of the vocal, angry minority being drowned out by those who actually enjoyed the radical changes made to the series.

As for the Battlefield result...hilarious.

Which franchises are getting better, which are getting worse? The PC Gamer poll results [PC Gamer]


    That graph is all sorts of messed up or is missing information.
    Civ shows about 36% say it's getting better, while only about 12% say it's getting worse...
    What about the other 52%?
    Elder Scrolls show about 64% getting better, with 14% getting worse... With 22% missing...

      You've never seen a (c) I don't know or (d) I haven't played it option in a poll before?

      Because the missing % are those who said neither

      The survey wasn't set up that way (for a binary choice for each game series). There were two lists, essentially: which of these are getting better, and which of these are getting worse. You could tick a box for any or all games. So you could run the survey and ignore every game but the one you wanted to share your opinion on. That's where the missing numbers are, people who didn't bother to comment at all on those games. It really should have been game by game with four options: Better, Worse, No Change, Don't know/Haven't played.

      They must have a 'neutral' option. Probably a 'haven't played it' as well given that huge numbers of people WILL email to ask a survey writer to put in the option that specifically suits them. *sigh* (Psychology major - I studied survey writing a whole bunch)

    If everything is terrible, nothing is.

    No Need for Speed?

      That's an odd one. Every third game is by Criterion, and it kicks ass, but the other 2 suck lol.

    I wonder how much of Splinter Cell's score was related to the poor optimisation, DRM, and lost save games in the PC port of Conviction?

      I wager that most of the SC score was because Conviction is shit.

      Conviction and Double Agent were both pretty crap in terms of technical issues and other stupid bugs that should've been fixed as priority 1

    Angry fanboy poll.

      Yeah it's weird. Heaps of people say COD is getting worse, yet it's still the largest franchise with the most sales... how does that work?
      Wow got smashed too but still holds millions of players. How much of that is people just getting bored or moving on. Last content patch was pretty bad but the last 4 years before that were pretty damn good.
      This poll is probably more about "which one of these would you prefer to play"

        Probably because the poll was run by PC Gamer, and a lot of PC CoD fans got burned from MW2 and see it as 'console trash' nowdays. Most of the results aren't suprising really...

        Don't you know? Non-gamers are the primary market for CoD now. This has been the case since at least MW2. The franchise is marketed towards people who don't know about the previous games or just plain don't care.

        For the same reason that stuff like Jersey Shore and the like still get's millions of viewers.

        Something can still get shit and be worth playing/watching.

        Personally I think the Call of Duty franchise has gone down hill since CoD4. But i will still play them because they are mindless entertainment that I don't have to actually think for.

        I can play CoD smashed off my head and still have a somewhat enjoyable experience. Try and play BF in anyway in that same state and If i'm lucky i might get a couple of kills likely because after getting ticked off i started using launchers to blow people up.

        It's the same reason two and a half men still get insane amounts of viewers.

        And when something goes downhill it doesn't exactly make it a bad game either. Just that they don't think it lives up to the pinnacle it once was.


        But then hey i'm a guy who thinks Treyarch has been doing better things with CoD than infinity Ward has since CoD4. BO is still the goto over MW3. Servers or not.

        Wow, and most MMOs in fact have a large playerbase of people who vocally dislike a lot about the game, but have invested so much time into their characters and the relationships they make that they have a great deal of trouble 'moving on'.

    Diablo is particularly interesting... I thought there wasn't enough newness to Diablo III, certainly wouldn't have said it got worse, just didn't really get taken anywhere special and new. (still sank an embarrassingly high number of hours into it)

    That graph is pretty accurate actually. While alot of the subject is opinion, the graph seems to hit the nail on the head with that.

    Yeah, I pretty much agree with everything there.
    Bioshock's a bit of a surprise. But then again last one was a bit of a rehash, and Infinite is a ways off.
    Would be interesting to see other franchises added in there.

      me too. Bioshock 2 was good, but it didn't feel special like Bioshock 1

    I miss old Fallout :(

      Me too, However I feel New Vegas was better than Fallout 3 so would say improving :p

      At least we have Wasteland 2!

    But sadly not many of the respondents would have played the first two Fallouts? As a franchise it jumped tracks and went back a couple of decades in terms of entertainment value with 3, NV redeems the franchise somewhat, but it's still Oblivion with guns. Fallout 4, Skyrim with guns?

    And glad to see most of the franchises under EA's hand being viewed as getting worse or just about getting even.

    There hasn't been a simcity in ages, and the one that's coming up shows plenty of promise, but again EA has to show its meddlesome hand and introduce features that even Blizzard is getting rap for, publishers just don't learn.

    Amusingly DIablo and CoD are getting worse but still sell amazingly well. With CoD we can point to console sales picking up the slack, what's Diablo's excuse?

    And WoW, still holding about 10 million subs, about 10 times more than most competitors. Getting worse?

    I miss when Max Payne was a PC franchise with a kick-ass Mod community

    The fact that there are people out there who think C&C has been getting better scares me...

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