This Sleeping Dogs Live Action Film Is Actually Well Worth Watching...

Live action video game trailers. I usually just make a noise in response and that noise is 'urgh'. This Sleeping Dogs thing is less a trailer, more like a short film. And it's actually really good!

Sure, the acting is as shonky as all hell, but the fight sequences are really well choreographed. There are some amazing stunts and the whole thing is just... well, really good!

Also — warning. It's also very, very violent.

Thanks EatChildren!


    Wow, that was excellent. That acting was so bad that it was good!

    That was awesome! Wish I could fight like that :P lol

    Pretty awesome vid :D, now i wanna go watch some martial arts movie`s lol. Cant wait for teh games release :D.

    Ok that was pretty boss.
    When did he get his bike keys back though?

    Brain Le? Somewhat fitting for the finale, to be sure.

    Holy crap - that was AWESOME! :D

    good fight scenes. watching one guy there roundhouse kick the edge of that door was special.

    i did muay thai for 4 years and it was bad enough clashing shins with your opponent!!

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