Without Peeking, Can You Name These Five Minecraft-ised Xbox Heroes?

The next batch of skins for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft include the five shown above. They are all Minecraft versions of characters from games that appeared on the Xbox 360 (though they weren't all in Xbox-exclusive games). Can you name them?

Without peeking?

The answers are at the link below. There is no release date yet for the new skins.

More Minecraft Themed Skins Revealed! [Play XBLA]


    Don't know, don't know, don't know, don't know, Bill.

    Wait, do Xbox users have to buy these skins or are they free?

    I thought the middle one was cid :\ from ff7

      Middle one is definitely Baird from Gears of War but I have no idea on the other ones.

    Looks like the Agent from Crackdown, Frank N Furter, Baird, splosion man and the guy from Left 4 Dead

    Dude from Crysis?, Tidus FFX, Someone from Gears of War, ????, Bill from L4D

    Don't know, Joanna Dark? Baird, don't know and Bill from L4D.

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