A Backpacker's Guide To Warhammer 40K, Part 7: Churches

You're about to see some of the work of Carlo Balassu, an artist who spent over six years at RTS masters Relic before moving onto a freelance career that spans both games and film.

In addition to undisclosed projects on both side of that fence, he's worked on pretty much everything Relic has released in that timeframe, including Company of Heroes, the Dawn of War series and last year's Space Marine, where much of this art — primarily matte paintings and concept art — comes from.

Interestingly, he's also done some work for Blackbird, the small studio comprised mostly of ex-Relic staffers who are currently developing a game called Hardware.

You can see more of Carlo's work at both his personal site and his CGHub page.


    Where are the previous 6 parts?

      I second this... I want to see more

    Awesome stuff

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