A Peek Inside Where They Make Final Fantasy

Japanese game studios, Square Enix included, generally don't like cameras poking around where they make games. There are obvious reasons for that, such as designs or game info leaking out. Another reason is that, you know, people are trying to work!

Still, Square Enix allowed its own cameras into a Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII meeting as well as into the studio. If you've ever wanted to see where your Final Fantasy games are made, here's your chance. And if you've always wanted to see a Square Enix helmet, hey, there's that, too!

LRFFXIII制作現場探訪 [YouTube]

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    Looks bleaker than i imagined

    Hrm... Black censored box sitting on people desks? Next gen console? Look at 1:06 or 0:32 possibly although that one looks big. They wouldn't be PS3's at 0:59 it looks like one of them is clearly shown.

    Anyways their office looks pretty sweet to me. Maybe not as suave as some might think. But who needs colours other than brown and grey? Paint and fanciful stuff is a distraction from working and costs to much,

      I would put a dollar or two on it being a PS4. If you look at the controllers next the blurred box they are the traditional Playstation design.

        Then that just leaves the question as to why they're working with them in whats presumed to be the 1st production dept. For they hour per week they seem to spend working on Versus perhaps?

        Also controllers look a little different to me. Maybe bigger? Or is that just the camera adding 10 ounces or w/e

          That's in reference to controllers around the 1min mark. The rest look normal.

      Could also be some kind of magic supercharged PS3/360 dev units that they're not allowed to show the public under contract with Sony/MS. That would explain why they're next to people working on Lightning Returns. But the idea of them being next gen consoles sounds much better.

    Square Enix certainly has fallen on hard times...that office environment just looked flat out depressing.

    Lol, they spent 5 seconds focused on a pile of junk food. Focusing on junk...sound familiar, guys?
    Seeing the offices and stuff made me fangasm, even though they were nothing special. I mean...my Cloud-baby could have been brought to life in there...
    To the person above me- yes, I saw the censored box at 0:32. But not elsewhere. Better be PS4s, that explains Versus's ridiculous delay.


    Man reminds me of the offices I first worked in when i graduated - not in a good way :P

    On anothe rnote, don't thos epeople have fmailies? I didn't see one photo up!

      Welcome to a Japanese working environment, as bleak, sterile and depressing as they can get. Come for the crap working conditions, stay for the overtime until you boss leaves. No, really, stay. Every day.

        They let you stay as long as you want? Amazing! God Bless Japan!

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