City Of Heroes Protest Takes Its Case To City Hall


    And on that mighty day...

    Not one fuck was given.

      hehe ^ This

    Protesting is good, but i'm sure it's more a case of dollars and sense

    If you get really really drunk and play DC Universe Online, you won't even notice the difference.

      You've got no idea how much I laughed just then!!!!! Thanks! :D

    Think they should just play better games :)

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      "The City of Heroes community has called for a massive demonstration at 5pm EDT in Atlas Park to protest the MMO’s shutdown. "

      Did you even READ the article????

        That's not even close enough information. Is there a reason why they are protesting the shut-down, is it because of business practices they disagree with, decisions made by higher ups, was the project sabotaged internally to save money and are people protesting because of that?

        That's what real journalism is, bloody giving as much information possible.

          They're protesting the shutdown because they want to keep playing the game. Why is that so hard to understand?

            That there might be more to it? You don't even know if that is all there is to it, because the article didn't give a source of information to any forum or website which might be talking about this.

            But I guess I ask too much from Kotaku readers to understand why having information like that could help explain a group's actions.

              It's a story showing the actions of the actual gamers about the fact the game is shutting down. The article is about the actions the gamers have taken. This is captured in the picture and the very brief outline. Not everything needs to be spoonfed to you.

              'But I guess I ask too much from you' to understand this concept.

                "Not everything needs to be spoonfed to you."

                Um, it's a news article, not a history assignment...

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                  What an irritating, pretentious, arrogant internet stereotype. ^

            Braaains stop fighting idiocy with logic. You know you can't win on the internet by using logic...

    "...and reports say the gathering already is large enough to bring down servers."
    Great, they can just cause the shutdown themselves! But this happens to (just about) every MMO when it dies, and hundreds of people is not a lot as far as a game is concerned. Especially when the future of SW-TOR was called into question when its subscribers dropped below 1 MILLION.

      Apples and oranges man. The amount of money to keep CoH up is no where near the same as the amount of money to keep SWTOR up. MMO's have been profitable with just a few thousand players before (and will be in the future). The trick here is just to monitise the player base as well as you can and keep costs low (shocking I know).

      Personally, I feel that this is a move from NCSoft to just kill the game so that they can focus on other developments. Unfortunately for CoH it's not worth enough to sell vs. the percieved amount of damage NCSoft might sustain from having the game go off the rails completely after a sell.

      I think it's hard for people to imagine but right now CoH is NCSoft branded and they are probably more concerned with that branding than with the few million dollars that they might make from selling it as an asset.

    There are not hundreds of players wanting it to remain open.. but thousands and thousands of them. There are petitions and all manner of internet and real-world protesting going on in reaction to the announcement. It is not the game developer that is shutting it down but the publisher. I've personally never played the game but there are people from all different walks of life, not the average gamers, who have invested a great deal of blood, sweat and tears in to the game.

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