Ever Wonder Where The Transformers Games Fit In The Timeline? Wonder No More!

Wait, Transformers has a timeline? This is new to me. Well, apparently it does, and it seems as though the critically and commercially successful Transformers games have a place within that timeline — as this pretty schmick image from Activision explains.

Okay, so it's not as contrived and complicated as, say the Zelda timeline — or even the Mario timeline — but I thought, since many of you guys and girls are big fans of the recent Transformers games, you might get a kick out of this.

I haven't played either of the two recent efforts from Activision. How does the new one hold up compared to the first?


    Hrmmm, this hints that the next game might not be set on earth yet, to which I say FANTASTIC.
    No chance for pesky humans to hog the spotlight

    Who needed a timeline to tell them that two games come one after another?

    This would be more useful if it was a complete "Aligned Continuity" timeline showing that these games are now in continuity with Transformers: Prime.

    Fall of Cybertron is one of the best single player experiences i've had in ANY game let alone so authentic and accurate to the TF universe. It took everything that was good about the first and made it better (and they optimised the pants off the engine too i might add)

    Its only glaring annoyances for me was the removal of vehicle form in multiplayer and a lack of co-op but this is 1% detraction from what is a fantastic game overall. You can see the love that went into it, and the retro blasters were a nice touch if you were a G1 fan .

      Removal of vehicle form in multiplayer? What are you talking about? It's there.

      Lack of co-op is somewhat sad though, but I think it made for a better game because the storyline is a lot more focussed.

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