For A Change, Here's A Borderlands 2 Easter Egg In Another Game

Barely a week into its release, Borderlands 2 is sprouting Easter eggs like — OK, the hell with it, it's already a mixed metaphor — mushrooms after rain.

Fine. So here's Torchlight II paying tribute to its fellow alumnus of the Class of September 17, 2012.

Image uploaded by mrNickname of GameFAQs [h/t tehjanitor]


    Torchlight 2 also has it's own Minecraft easter egg, a little place called Notch's Mine. It's filled with creepers. I found a Diamond Sword in there with Sharpness V.

    I really must try Torchlight 2, but Borderlands 2 has me by the balls.

    Another day, another spoiler without warning.

    Diablo 3 has Nine Toads

    Not really an Easter egg, but the Skeleton King sat on his throne with a bucket over his head made me laugh.

    It's probably common, but I found a Notched Axe too. Cute

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