Hey, Dismemberment Is Back In Ninja Gaiden On The Wii U

They don't call them "Team Ninja" for nothing. Tecmo's development unit, Team Ninja, is working on a new Ninja Gaiden game: the previously announced Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge.

It's a return to the Ninja Gaiden that fans have been asking for, says Tecmo. It's a reboot of sorts.

The trailer shown today in Tokyo opens with Ayane getting a full back massage. She then goes into action, covered in blood and throwing darts.

"Violence Reborn" flashes on the screen.

Ayane flies through the air, using her clothes as a glider and then slices a slew of baddies. Ayane serves as a contrast to all the violence in the game.

Then Ryu Hayabusa , unloads on a bunch of enemies, cutting them to bits (literally). The trailer ends in a wash of blood.

There's a new feature called "Ninja Skills". You can level up and unlock new weapons by using the Karma you get in battle.

Razor's Edge will be out at the Wii U's launch in both Japan and the U.S. In Europe, it will be out during the launch window.


    Wasn't Ninja Gaiden 3 meant to be freakishly horrible..?

      It certainly was and still is. Slapping on the gimmick that was severing of limbs from the poor second game (but not nearly as woeful as NG3) wont save this turd

    WOO! Must buy!!!!!!!!!

    Or not. Absolute TURD of a game.

    It’s a return to the Ninja Gaiden that fans have been asking for, says Tecmo. It’s a reboot of sorts.

    Hang on, is this a new Ninja Gaiden game or is it an expanded port of Ninja Gaiden 3 (which was an awful game that was not what fans have been asking for)

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