I See Lots Of Milla Jovovich, But Not Much Bingbing Li

Late last week, stories surfaced that Bingbing Li, the actor who plays Ada Wong in the new Resident Evil movie, wants nothing to do with Japan. You know, the country that made Resident Evil. And it now looks like Li got her wish not to appear on the Japanese RE: Retribution movie posters.

Li skipped out on last week's Tokyo screening, with rumours swirling that the actor was ditching Japan over her feelings regarding a territorial dispute between the country and China. Li's agent didn't exactly refute those rumours, saying the actor agreed with the Chinese government's position on the territory and was only skipping the Tokyo premiere.

Not only did Li not visit Japan to promote the movie, she also supposedly asked to have her image removed from the Japanese version of the movie posters. This hasn't been confirmed or denied. However, I recently visited a movie theatre here in Japan and saw two different posters. None of them featured the Chinese actor. However, Li does appear on the movie's website (but it wasn't reported that she demanded to be erased from that). Her role in the movie has apparently not been cut down, either.

There is another Resident Evil: Retribution poster in Japan, apparently. It features Jovovich in her skintight body suit with her back to the camera.

Below, you can see an image of Li's appearance at the Hong Kong premiere for Resident Evil: Retribution. Her image is proudly displayed with Jovovich's. While in Hong Kong, it seems that the actor was repeatedly asked about the rumours but supposedly dodged the questions.

Li Bingbing shows up in Hong Kong to promote Resident Evil: Retribution [ChinaBuzz]


    lol ~ out for a national cause -> forget the fact that there is a lot of oil under there and it's a mining rights/fishing rights war - let's totally forget the whole China vs Philippines conflict (China claiming sovereign rights to some rock in the sea).

    Any-ways , has she played the game ?

      Oh Snap !
      You just so summed up how we all feel...

      Actually the "Spratly" are a nice litlle 6 way tiff IIRC..

      China, Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia, Phils and Vietnam =P

    Well this is one film I'll not be watching.

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