I'm In Love With A Giant Batman Figure That's Made Out Of Metal

Being a big Hot Toys fan, I'm super impressed with the company's line of recent Batman figures. Yet realistic isn't the only way to go about making incredible Batman toys. You can also take the stylish route.

Based on comic artist Jim Lee's recent interpretation of the Dark Knight, this figure's torso, arms and legs are made out of "die cast metal alloy". It has 50 points of articulation. And at 1/6 scale stands 12 inches tall. It's even magnetic, so it just "sticks" to that badass gargoyle base.

Batman by Jim Lee [Play Imaginative, via ALBOTAS]


    I actually love the New 52 Batman costume, but this looks pretty average. The cape looks straight up awful.

    This misconception that metal = better would get laughed out of the door by any Transformers collector. Plastic is less brittle, more flexible, can be used in ball sockets, doesn't warp with heat as much, allows the use of ratchet joints etc. Look at the engineering in modern Transformers like the Prime line vs G1 and compare the complexity. Only fairweather fans like Plunkett would think die cast means it's somehow better.

      But to be honest. I would love to have transformer figurine that is made of real metal. Would love feel of it

      But can you bludgeon a home intruder to death with a plastic transformer? I think not.

    TBH I love the cold hard metal feel on the relevant parts of my TF Masterpieces. Even as I snuggle up to Optimus MP, the dead weight of his cab is somehow reassuring in a way my Optimus Animated cant be. Not that I'd ever tell him so...

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