In 13 Minutes, We'll Show You What's New And Cool In Borderlands 2

Do you want a tiny look inside Borderlands 2 before you pick it up? I've got you covered.

Don't worry, there aren't any spoilers. The video above will show you what enemies you'll face off, what character levelling is like, and what you can do in the hub city of Sanctuary. It's a very basic look at what Borderlands 2 is all about, without getting too much into the goodest stuff. Yes, goodest. Shush.

As a warning, this content was captured after I finished the game. So I'm at a higher level, and I'll take down enemies pretty easily. The video starts off in New Game + mode, though, so you can get a sense of what a more realistic battle is like. And then it proceeds into regular mode so I can show off a bigger range of enemies.



    Anyone know if theres a street break yet?

      depends where u at?

    For the Australians wanting to know if this really is spoiler free, there are I suppose "very minor spoilers" in the reveal of old characters but to be honest, you can safely assume they would be there in the first place without someone telling you. You may also consider reveal of strats about particular mobs and their abilities to be a spoiler, if so, you are safe to watch up until the line "now I am going to show you some of the enemies you will be facing on pandora".

    Pretty safe video with straight up gameplay with no story progression or quest content and some light discussion on things such as the stash (account bank of sorts) currency system and how certain upgrades function and a bit of insight into the Siren

    This is not spoiler free to be honest. For me it was plenty enough spoiler to make me imagine the whole game already. :(

    "You'll remember Dr Zed from the Zombie DLC from the first game". Or, yknow, the very first NPC you meet in the original game. Who is the major quest giver in the first town?

      Wasn't it 'Dr Ned' in the Zombie DLC?
      had a awesome mustache from memory :P

        And was totally not at all Dr Zed from the first game :p

    So tempting to watch this, but I won' really. I can't wait to get my hands on it. My order was dispatched yesterday, so I'm hoping it will have it's introduction to my PS3 in the next few days.

    Sounds like a great vid for those tossing up whether to buy it or not. (Don't think, just buy it!)

    Way to rub it in that we have to wait.

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