Better AI, Awesomer Guns In Borderlands 2, Or So I'm Told

My copy of Game Informer did not arrive today. Time and the Columbia alumni rag, which I actively do not want did. So I will not be reading about Borderlands 2 this weekend, as some are.

The game's GI tract says the characters from the original will return as NPCs; enemies will have better AI and interactions (a must after the first game), a weapons overhaul, customisable armaments, and a new currency and resource system

I'm going off what others are saying; wanted you to be aware of it too, because as we know, until something is announced it does not exist. Game Informer's web site will dole out the details online piecemeal. Right now it's just the mag's cover reveal.

Borderlands 2 [Game Informer]


    it's got a website, i think that's a fair reason to assume it's announced...

      I think he means the actual details (IE, Old chars are NPCs, ect) not the game itself.

    I'm amazed they're making a sequel after how bad the first was...

      I thought the first one was great. While having obvious flaws, it did what it intended to do quite well.

      I honestly loved Borderlands. Sure, it had some flaws but I think It deserves
      A sequel.

      Seems to be a love hate relationship with a lot of people...

      I for one loved the game, the art style and weapons were awesome. Storyline and characters were a bit dull, but I'm sure the sequel will address a lot of the faults.

      I really enjoyed borderlands! Well, I enjoyed it in 2-person multiplayer with a friend in the same room and hated it single player. But I really think that with a bit of cash they could bring a lot to the table. The DLC that came out for it was actually really interesting compared to the base game, and a ground up rebuild could be fantastic. And it honestly sounds like they're fixing a lot that went wrong with the original. And the DLC already improved vastly on the storytelling and humour.

    Please.... no godamn Claptraps....

    At least not on the menu when your friend is trying to get his game to connect and you're waiting and CHECK ME OUT EVERYONE I'M DANCING!

    "Better AI, Awesomer Guns In Borderlands 2, So I’m Sold"

    Fixed the title for you ^_^

    "better AI and interactions (a must after the first game), a weapons overhaul, customisable armaments, and a new currency and resource system"

    Please for the love of jebus introduce Armor so people can actually look fucking different also! I like the news about resource system how about we can break our weapons down and use those parts to make better weapons. TBH the money system in the first game was was like gold in diablo 2 not needed so yeah hopefully they address that to.

    Also for fuck sake fix up the bosses loot i am sick of doing a boss and getting the same shit. Also fixed the elemental system for the weapons when really you don't know which gun is better going by the figures. hmmm what else...

      I'm guessing you're a WoW fan

        TBH Borderlands played like a mmo... and if they want to go down that route with number 2 then they should add mmo elements. Its only natural to make it even more addictive then before like fuck i played 400-500+ hours of borderlands. Loved it.

    Hopefully the weapons don't consist of 4 different guns with 49 billion different paint jobs. I want 49 billion DIFFERENT GUNS.

    Biggest thing they can add to improve over the original is some kind of mod system. DLC is awesome, but lets face it, no developer can stand up to the force of a creative fanbase.

    Do it gearbox, dooooo iiiiit.

      There are custom maps and mods, google is your friend.

      @Richard I personally felt that the ability to change the colours on your character was enough and that anything else would just make the game itself look like a cluster f**k of people playing chicks than then attempt to wear the least clothing as possible.

    Cant wait, loved Borderlands. I just want a bit more customization/specialization and loots :) LOTS more loots!

    Sad to see the original 4 as NPCs though :( Would rather have seen them create 2-3 new characters and overhaul the old.. oh well.

    Glad they're changing the currency. I really hope they fix the glitch where your cash could go so high that it looped around into the negatives. I re-earned the medals for collecting cash so many times. And if they make it so that enemies drop gun pieces instead of guns so we can build and remodel weapons instead of throwing out the same weapon time-after-time because it was a shit version then I'd be very happy. From the look of the guns on the mag cover, it looks quite possible.

      "I really hope they fix the glitch where your cash could go so high that it looped around into the negatives."

      That's not a glitch, that's a warning system to tell you when it's time to go outside.

    Sure is an interesting coincidence that they announce Borderlands 2 within a couple of months of Duke Nukem Forever's abysmal reception (for the record, I thought the game was OK, not awful but not great). Methinks they might be trying to make back some of the money that they spent on the Duke IP.

    Any news they will fix the FOV glitches in this one or will Gearbox go hurr durr PC gamers lol?

      The community managers are asking for improvements for the UI and options on the PC version on the gearbox forums. I dare say Gearbox will provide better FOV support, considering they did put it in Duke Nukem Forever in the last patch.

    need to fix the broken online matchmaking system. loved the game.. but so hard to get online with friend with it.

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