Meet 'Falcatron', The Transformer Based On The Ford Falcon XR6

"Commodore" and "Falcon" might be household names in Australia, but they're basically unknown elsewhere. So it's not surprising they've never been given the Transformers treatment... though Ford Australia did the next (well, next-next) best thing by enlisting High Moon Studios, the dev behind Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, to create a piece of art portraying the Falcon XR6 as a Transformer.

The result you can see above, posted on Ford Australia's Facebook page, along with the following message:

Well Ford fans, the moment you’ve been waiting for is now here. The developers at High Moon Studios have been working hard creating a bespoke piece of concept art showing their interpretation of the Ford XR6. Coinciding with the release of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron nation-wide, meet FALCATRON!

Digital Trends posits that the plated windshield is a nod to Mad Max's 1973 XB Falcon, a delicious touch on High Moon's part, if true.

Sadly, the big guy won't be making his way into the movies or games any time soon. As a marketing idea, it's quite brilliant, though I'm not sure how it will translate into actual sales. Still, it's a nice bit of art and a creative master-stroke on Ford's part.

Time for Holden to hit up High Moon for an interpretation of the SS methinks.

Facebook [via Digital Trends]


    I'll never look at my car the same again.

    The commodore version would have a rat tail and a southern cross tattoo, and would probably go by the name Bogatron

      Really? cant we keep this type of shit away from here? Both Ford and Holden are as bogan as each other.

        Actually, this was just reposting what someone else said (their comments have since vanished) as they double posted it.

        But whatever, let's all take things personally.

        I dunno about that, I see more shitty "tuned" (ruined) Commodores than anything else.

          It's worse that Holden owners will have southern cross stickers but put Chev badges a tad bit ironic considering Holden is a Australian brand :( no intelligence in these bogans methinks

      With Chev badge.

    Looks very cool. Good move on Fords part as far as something fun for the sake of fun.
    I especially like the nod to Mad Max, goes to show we do register on the worlds radar.

    Seriously? If falcons looked half that good I suspect they would have sold more then a dozen.

    Product-Placements! Advertisements in disguise!

      Yep, the recent Transformers films are just long expensive ads for Hasbro, General Motors & the US Military.

      Mixed in with some hot chicks, nonsensical plots, lots of loud noises & explosions.

        @ Zhukov: So yea...a modern day Hollywood movie production then :D

    >Not a sedan

    What is this I don't even. Looks exactly like an XR5 with a Falcon front bumper on it ?_?

    Does it dose?

    Ah, the ever present Autobot Copout Design. Where they go with generic mecha bullshit, then tack the nose of the car onto the torso, and the doors sticking off the back.

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