Harrison Ford Has Been Injured By The Millennium Falcon

Harrison Ford Has Been Injured By The Millennium Falcon

Veteran actor Harrison Ford has been injured on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII, hurting his ankle and having to spend a little time in hospital. The culprit? His own ship.

The injury isn't serious, but it's notable because Variety's Marc Graser reports that he busted it on the door of the Millennium Falcon:

No details on how it actually happened. Maybe the door closed in less than twelve parsecs, and Ford's reactions aren't what they used to be...

Lucasfilm says "Shooting will continue as planned while he recuperates".

Harrison Ford suffers minor injury on 'Star Wars' set [EW]


    Why isn't Han Solo played by a female this time around?

      I know right! After seeing that blue shirt we was wearing be all puffy in the chest I thought he was now a female for sure.

      I for one am outraged. >:|

        Yeah man. At least give us the option to watch two versions!

      Something about using twice as much film. Something something lack of resources

        don't forget the intricate animation and voices that come with a female model.

      Maybe because he was male in the original film and its a trilogy not a different story??? nah couldn't be

    Okay, the couch is wedged.. it.. it's wedged, it's not going anywhere, so just take off, I'll hold on.

    Parsecs are distance, no? not time.

      Doesn't make doing the Kessel run in under 12 of them any less impressive.

      That's correct. From Wiki: A parsec (symbol: pc) is an astronomical unit of length used to measure distances to objects outside the Solar System.


      "The Kessel run" is a navigation route that travels past a black hole cluster. By moving faster, ships are able to skirt closer to the black holes yet still overcome their gravitational pull.

      Not this again... As James has said as well, most already know that the line can refer to manoeuvrability and, in a round about way, still refer to speed.

      Maybe he referred to the fact that he found a new shortcut during the Kessel run?

      Instead of: slingshot past Yavin; cut deep into Bespin's atmosphere; skirt Nar Shadaa; BOOM! FINISHED!

      It could be: Turn left at the brightest star, and straight on until dawn!...

    Im amazed they are actually using Doors in Star Wars 7 and not just CGI doors...

      Considering Mr Fords age, maybe they should be using a CGI Han Solo!

    Well you're slow on the uptake..

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