PAX’s Misfiring Romances Are Equal Parts Adorable, Unlikely

PAX’s Misfiring Romances Are Equal Parts Adorable, Unlikely

Throw thousands of people who share common interests together for a weekend and love is bound to blossom. PAX is no exception, and amidst all the games, booze and costumes the annual gaming celebration in Seattle brought a lot of like-minded kids together.

Not everyone managed to seal the deal, though. Some people had to bail mid-flirt. Others couldn’t muster the courage to ask someone out in person. In years gone by that might have been the end of it, but thanks to Craigslist, they’ve now got a second shot at love.

The public services billboard is home to quite a few missed connections from this year’s PAX Prime, some of them a little scary, others doomed for failure, and some even managing to be genuinely adorable.

First, the unlikely.

Sorry I was on the phone! – m4w – 28 (PAX)

This morning we were walking down the street going in opposite directions. I think you tried to talk to me, but I was on the phone.

You: redhead in a blue/green dress

Me: black guy in jeans and a Star Wars shirt.


pax – m4m – 24 (taco del mar)

We caught eyes a few times when u were waiting in line. You bought a diet coke. You smiled as you walked by me as you left. Ivi wanted to say something or pretend to bump into you but I got nervous. Tell me what colour your tie was if you get this

I, uh, don’t like your chances, guys. Next up, it may sound harsh, but harsh is what you’ll need to survive the zombie apocalypse.

you said you would let me use your dice – w4m – 22 (pax)

I wonder if the type of guys I am trying to interest ever peruse through cl missed connections. I feel this is a long shot, but it is better than nothing. You were standing behind my friend and I in a huge crowd trying to get to the escalator. My friend had mentioned how we would be completely screwed if the zombie apocalypse were to break out in that moment. I suggested jumping over the railing in that situation but then took it back since my legs would most likely break and that would suck. You said you would catch me, which I thought was sweet until you then said how you would toss me into the zombies in order to bide time for a get away. arse. Still, I can appreciate some good survival tactics. I wish I would have gone with you to play whatever table game.

Tron cosplay? Dishonored parties? Local kids? This sounds promising.

Dishonored (Tron Girl?) – m4w – 22 (PAX)

Dishonored Premier. You were the girl dressed in the tron cosplay (Orpheus?) with three lip piercings. I was the boy in the denim jacket (Will) with the nose ring. We had both been drinking, but you were cute and we flirted! A bit hazy on the details, but I feel bad for leaving with my ride. Would’ve rather talked to you after dwelling :(. You said you lived in the area. If you read this, let’s go get a drink sometime! It’d be great to get to know you!

And finally, the adorable.

goose bumps from XCOM – m4w (PAX 2012)

You, a girl with a mermaids name that got goose bumps from a video at the XCOM panel. Whom i didn’t have the good fortune to run into again.

Me… if this would apply to more then 1 person it has gone beyond awkward.

Its a long shot here but i didnt see you at the other panel we were both going to and didnt get any way to contact you.

Protoman Concert – I told you how cute you are after the encore – m4w (PAX)

I know this is a long shot but I have be unable to stop kicking myself for not talking to you more. I was in a blazer. You were laughing at me and some random guy (Fry-guy) for our hijinks. I had hope to run into you again on the convention floor but luck was not on my side. I would really like to see you again.

Fingers crossed that you see this. Tell me what you were wearing so I know it’s you.

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