Here's The Winners Of Our PAX Australia Competition!

Last week we ran a very simple competition: we had five 3-day PAX Australia badges to give away. All you had to do to enter was tell us what you were most excited to do, see or play at PAX Australia, and you were in the running.

So, I hear you ask: who won?

It was a pretty competitive post, and I wish I could give everyone a pass and say hello to you all at PAX Australia. But there are only five badges to give away, so without further adieu, here are the winners in no particular order.

The Winners

Image: Kotaku

lotuk: I’m most excited for the indi games area! It’s where there are always these incredibly innovative and fun multiplayer games, which everyone is playing for the first time and having a blast! Especially when I’m in cosplay, playing against another cosplayer, battling it out for our respective universes. That and the boardgames area. It’s the best I’ve ever seen, and it encourages random people to connect up, play together and chat. It’s the most rewarding area for me at PAX and the place I spend all my remaining time with people I genuinely have a ball being around.

Well lotuk, you're right about the board games area — it's truly superb. I'm hoping to spend a lot more time there this year as well. Every year I always end up spending less time in tabletop than I'd like, and I always regret it.

beehug: For Honor, for me Vikings, Knights and Samurai Now let there be war
Quick, dodge, block, parry A sword threatens to impale deftly avoided
PAX would bring honor Please grant this humble soldier One chance, For Honor

Not many people went the one-game route with their comments, but beehug went all in on Ubisoft's For Honor with a very neat poem.

brycicle: This is the second time that I’ve composed music for an indie game that is being exhibited at PAX and I’ve only found out that I would be able to attend after tickets were sold out. My background is in composing for theatre and film but I would love to meet more game developers and maybe connect with other people who compose for games. Procedurally generated scores really fascinate me at the moment.
I would also just love to be there and see how people react to this game I had a small part in.

Well brycicle, now's your chance — because there will be a 3-day PAX badge with your name on it. (Not literally, they don't print people's names on PAX badges. But you get the idea.)

bmcm: PAX is an exciting adventure for creatives and gamers and I love to soak up the excitement of the event with my children who are cosplayers. My children’s cosplay networks extend around Australia and PAX is the major event where they meet up.
I love seeing all the games, the gadgets, the prize giveaways and the thrill of being among like-minded people. I would love to go this year and support my favourite game and gadget developers and my kids.

What an excellent reason to go. PAX is an amazing environment, and I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time bmcm.

And last, but not least:

wozowski: I’d be happy just to see the Australian Indie Showcase to be honest.
I’m down to playing just indies these days because I’m a story driven gaming nut and with kids – so short games with maximum story impact are pure joy to me.
To meet people making games like Paradigm and The Eyes of Ara would be awesome. Even though I’d need to fly from Hobart and would know no one, it would be totally worth it just to shake their hands and tell them to keep doing what they do.

Well wozowski, I can tell you first-hand that developers love that sort of feedback from fans. Eyes of Ara will also be on the show floor, so you'll be able to thank the 100 Stones team directly.

So How Do I Collect My Badge?

Over the next couple of days I'll email everyone who won using the email address that's attached to the account you commented with. From there, you'll need to reply back with your first name, surname and email which I'll then pass onto the PR firm looking after PAX Australia this year.

They'll take your details and then have a badge ready for you at the PAX Australia registration desk. You'll need to verify your ID on entry, after which point you can enjoy the show.

So congratulations to the five winners. But if you missed out, don't worry ... there's more! We'll have a post later today with all of the details, so stay tuned!


    Considering I already paid and received my badge, I really had no desire to win.

    If I did win I would have just scalped them.

    I'll pass. Alex didn't even bother to leave a comment on an image that took 10+ hours to make.

    Hmmm the res was a bit crap I just noticed. Updated:

    Last edited 17/10/16 10:54 pm

    Flights booked, hotel room locked down and excitement rising. Cheers to Kotaku, hope to see some of you there to thank you in person.

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