This Star Wars Battlefront Bus Will Drive You To PAX Australia

Imagine a bus. A dream bus if you will. A bus that drove you from Sydney to Melbourne and back again, so you could attend PAX Australia.

Imagine, inside this bus, Star Wars: Battlefront. An opportunity to just sit in the bus and play Star Wars Battlefront for the whole 9-10 hour trip.

Seriously: that's happening. EA Australia are actually doing this. They are creating a Battlefront Bus. To drive people to PAX Australia in Melbourne. This is happening. In real life.

What does this bus look like, what is going to be like onboard? EA Australia told us that concepts are floating around, but nothing final yet. Here's what we know so far.

— It's part of a competition that you can enter here. — There are 20 spots on the bus. 10 competition winners and 10 plus ones. — The competition winners will also get two-day passes and accommodation paid for. — The game will be played on the PlayStation 4. On a bus. — The idea is for the bus to create the "ULTIMATE STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT EXPERIENCE". I have no idea what that will be or what that looks like. Probably it will involve playing a lot of the game.

"There is no better way to get to PAX Australia this year," said Craig Auld, Head of Brand Marketing, APAC. "This will be the ultimate road trip for fans with plenty of Star Wars entertainment onboard, including Star Wars Battlefront which will be on the PlayStation 4."

This is bizarre. But probably in a good way. A 'Battlefront bus'. It makes zero sense yet makes all the sense in the world. To be honest, it's Battlefront. People are excited about this. They can kinda do whatever the hell they want with it.


    Depart (Sydney): 9.00am 29th October 2015
    Depart (Melbourne): 9.00am 1st November 2015
    Well that's shit if you were already planning on going to PAX on the Sunday.

    I'd probably drive to Sydney to get a ride back to Melbourne on that bus, if it wasn't for the fact that I'd be horribly sick trying to watch a screen on a bus...

    Anyhoo, sounds awesome for those who win it. See ya at PAX!

    Last edited 10/09/15 12:07 pm

    A bus that is administered by DICE and EA would legit be on some theme park ride level shenanigans.

    "Attention loyal EA victims/passengers, you have no doubt noticed the lack of windows and acute exhaust leak, something we apologise for. Unfortunately the bulk of our maintence team has been moved to our upcoming MIRRORS EDGE CATALYST ULTRA BUS (sweet guitar riff), so please expect delays in updating your current service item"

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