This Might Be The Cheapest Copy Of Star Wars Battlefront In Australia

The Fallout 4 price armageddon is over, but...

Begun the Star Wars Battlefront price wars have.

Big W has struck the first blow. Starting this Thursday Star Wars Battlefront is going to be on-sale for $63.

The only issue — Star Wars Battlefront comes out tomorrow on Origin.

Other options? Well, JB Hi-Fi is selling the game on PS4 and Xbox One for $68, but this is on pre-order only. And considering the difficulties JB Hi-Fi had with Fallout 4 pre-orders, you might be a little bit wary.

But the digital version of Star Wars Battlefront, on Origin, is $89.99. You don't have to look for to beat that price at retail. It's bizarre. Digital prices in Australia are just so much more expensive than retail. Such a strange turnaround.

Have you found any better deals? Drop them in the comments below.


    "The only issue — Star Wars Battlefront comes out tomorrow."

    It comes out on thursday, releases on tuesday in NA.

      Was about to say the same thing. EB and JB both have it listed for the 19th.

      Personally I've pre-ordered from EB and was just going to price-match with JB when I pick it up, might price match with Big W instead now though :)

        Yeah I thought it was the 19th but I preordered off Origin due to laziness and it definitely says tomorrow.

          From what I can see, digital version can be played tomorrow, street version doesnt hit the stores until Thursday.

          Not sure the extra cost is worth a 2 day headstart.

      The digital Origin version releases tomorrow. Physical release is Thursday.

    How is it possible to justify physical copies being cheaper than digital downloads? I mean.. I get the arguments for the Australia Tax. We're remote, it's a pain in the ass to get stuff here, we have high wages for staff... but digital does away with all of that. It is literally just as easy to sell to us as it is to sell to someone in the US, or India, or anywhere on the freaking planet. To have digital, which has such an advantage over physical, be more expensive? It boggles the mind...

      Not 100% sure but I think it's because the RRP is $89.95. most stores sell under that because they know we would all just import otherwise but EA (origin) gives no shits because they know people like buying digital (Steam isn't much better lately).

        Does Origin charge in Aud or Usd? Because origin I think would be better if they are charging in Aud, some steam games are 80-90 usd...

          I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure the one time I bought something from origin it was in AUD...

          Um yeah just checked try my email - looks like it!

        It pays to shop around.

          So that is about AUD$75 then for the PC version?

            Still cheaper than paying the $90 EA wants to buy it from Origin.

              Buy using a VPN through the mexican origin store, you're looking at much cheaper prices.

          Thanks! You saved me shopping around. Very happy with that price.

            Here's an even better one. $67 AUD.


              I got mine GreenManGaming .....65AUD no jakku no preload but keys ASAP (not yet but im hoping soon) safe respected retailer too

              Last edited 16/11/15 4:51 pm

          It says out Nov 17th on their homepage, but then Nov 19th on their checkout page.

      The publisher sets the RRP, in this case $89.95 for PC, and $99.95 for consoles. It is then up to the re-seller to set what price they desire. EB Games will always lost at full RRP, so will the Origin, PSN and XBox stores.

      Here is the direct link to the Ozbargain posting -

      XBL / PSN know if they drop digital prices and the other doesn't, making them more competitive, JB/EB will devalue their store displays, moving them further back into the store and reducing the size.

      As much as they want digital sales for games, consoles are sold in store. Devalued displays for consoles = less sales.

      The reason Steam was so cheap was because they weren't factoring in the Australia Tax for most of the games. Heck if I pre-purchase say X-Com 2 it's $59.99 USD right now, but you can bet your arse that will be jacked up with an Australia Tax before release.

      The Department stores undercut each other and make a loss on every game they sell for $70,

      One of the reasons EB branched out into toys is because they know they don't have to compete with anybody else for game related thingies.

      I'm not Pro-EB, I dislike and outright loathe a lot of their practices. But I'm not blind either. The Publisher sells the Game digitally and to the Retail stores, they than claim they can't lower the digital price because the retail stores would be upset. Of course the Retail Stores would be upset, if I sold you something $80 wholesale and then went and undercut that you'd be furious with me. So the Publishers say it's the retail stores that make digital distribution expensive, and most people have a real dislike of EB at least at a Corporate level. So they are easy to blame.

      People talk about the all digital evolution like we aren't about to get shafted. Imagine a world where there is only one place to get a game and than imagine the price of those games. I see Digital only AAA games selling for $119.95 in Australia regardless of our Dollar. There's no Sales, no price wars, no choice but one way to get games. And that may very well be when I give up video games.

      For years, my mother asked when I'd grow out of them and I laughed and said never, now it's when the screw job is too hard to take.

      I look at my attitude to Steam, once it was awesome cheap games lots of sales and a massive library of mostly shame. Now I see the double Fuck You so much clearer. Fuck You! Part One; Regional Pricing. Fuck You! Part Two; Regional Pricing, but not local currency. Not even a built in currency converter that almost every other online store has these days. Oh and because the Government desperately want a piece of this action (and I kind of agree with that) expect a Fuck You! Part Three; when the price go up 15% for GST.

      And yes after the next Election if the Liberals get in again expect a 5% increase to the GST to make it 15%. And no they aren't stupid enough to put a Tax increase as an Election Promise. They'll wait until after they have power and than say we need it.

        That's just when you jump to my side of the fence and start developing your own engines/modding tools. Freespace 2/The Source Code Project is where the future of gaming is at for cheap gamers.

      IIRC, it has something to do with legal issues where the digital storefront can't sell the game for less than the RRP enforced upon bricks-and-mortar stores. Nothing to stop physical stores reducing the price (it cuts into their profits only), but reducing on the official digital platforms (Origin, PSN, XBL etc) unless 'on sale' is iffy at best. Might look up actual law stuff later.

    It's so annoying. I really want to get stuff digitally. I'm really over getting up and changing discs. What is this, the 90s?

    But it's sooo much cheaper buying the discs. I'll probably be cruising down to big dubba on thursday. I really enjoyed the beta.

      $63 at Bigdub?
      Damn, I was going to hold out and see if th campaign got any better, but that is cheap.

      Last edited 16/11/15 1:58 pm

        I know right? Very hard to walk past that price!

      Couldn't agree more. I hate getting up to change discs. Digital is so convenient, but sucks arse because it's so much more expensive.

        There is a positive though. If you decide you don't like a game you can sell it. If you buy it on digital you're stuck with it. Still annoying though.

    If you're buying it on PC, see my link above.

      Dammit! Was meant to be a reply to @rowan.

        Thanks man. But i played ps4 and pc when they ran the beta and I'm gonna go the ps4 version.

    Woolworths have 20% off PS store $30 topup cards. That'll make the PS4 digital download version slightly cheaper...

    I paid $45 on GreenManGaming last week.
    Still waiting for a code though. Unsure if it will come tomorrow or on the 19th.

      im waiting as well should be soon 24h max

    Origin's pricing is always insane. MInd you, the insanity is shared with Steam's AU storefront insisting on using US dollars.

    And they've been allowed to do that because, for the past five or so years... Retail has done nothing to compete with them bar whining about how unfair it is that everyone's buying things online and why won't you buy from us?

    But... I have to admit that I respect retail a little more in recent months with their sudden adoption of basic economic lessons. Like making it more convenient to buy from them, and price certainly factors into what's considered convenient.

      I think most retailers are starting to lose footing with the publishers and are now feeling the need to compete.
      The reason retailers are able to get away with forcing the publisher to list their digital prices so high is to threaten not to stock the console or games. But with the growth of online services and continued parental ignorance retailers are starting to lose sales while publishers have more information than ever before. We must have hit a tipping point where the publishers and distributors have enough other sales points for their games where these idle threats are meaningless. I think in the next 5 years we'll see console digital prices drop. If not then, with the next generation

        But as I said above, the Publisher sets the wholesale price and the Digital Price, if games are going to be cheaper they need to make less money. When the only games are digital the prices will be higher not lower.

          This is why we're at a tipping point. The publisher is keeping their digital price high because they are still threatened by no stock from the retailers. But the retailers are recognising that they have operating hours, people need to go to the store and all the inconveniences that comes with it. So the retailers are crying foul play about digital while dropping their prices. One we hit the tipping point publishers will drop the digital price and retailers will have no recourse but to drop even lower to match.

          It's not going to happen for a while but we're inching closer

            The Publisher is selling the games to the Retailers for $80 wholesale, of course the retailers would be upset if that Publisher than went and sold it through their service for $70.

            The Publisher sets both prices.

            The publisher is than saying they'd love to lower the digital price but retail won't let them. All they need to do is lower both the Wholesale and Digital Price at the same time. But that won't happen why would they want to make less money?

            If you want to change the system, stop paying $100 for a game, only pay $70. No Exceptions, No Exemptions, No Piracy. $70 or don't play it. And everybody did that, games would only cost $70 in this country.

            The Digital only future isn't cheaper it's more expensive as you don't have another choice. Unless you can go into the store and buy a Download code, JB have a range of Download codes for games (at least on XB1), interestingly enough they never seem to get discounted like physical copies.

    @markserrels - Decent price for an Origin key from OzGameShop at $67AUD

      If bought from OzGameshop, will this unlock early with the Origin version?

        Yep, it's an Origin key and nothing more. Same idea as buying Steam keys from places other than Steam.

      OzGameShop also have reward points, so I got mine for $64.50 and now have $6 credit.

        Yah but you prb won't see your game until mid week next week. I'd rather pay the extra $5 and have it day 1.

          $5 extra from where for PC?
          I've always got my digital orders from OzGameShop on time.
          If history is anything to go by, the servers will melt diwn and no one will be playing on day one. lol ;)

    Christ, that is a good price. Have mine pre-ordered with EBGames (after their E3 trade in deal in July). Will take that catalogue into the store when I pick it up on Thursday and hope they price-match.

    I'll buy that for a dollar!
    No seriously, a dollar, yes, but not more. Spawn, start shooting, die, repeat. Not worth more than that.

    The point of games going digital was that developers could give us games at lower prices by not having to spend money on the discs, packaging, manual and distribution. Whatever happened to this?

      No no no no, it was never about giving us games at lower prices, it was about delivering games with less costs to them, which means more profit.

      If it costs $10 to ship a physical copy of a game, why put that extra $10 into your pocket when it can go in theirs.

      Also physical games no longer have manuals.

    Bah, as an Xbox user and Kinect lover, I'm just far too lazy to disc swap, totally breaks the flow of launching games with Kinect, or being able to accept game invites instantly.

    I restrict myself to one disc based game at a time which is currently guitar hero, so that means battlefront will be digital. Might have to wait a few weeks to see if I can get MS Points cheap...

    Don't suppose the disk version gives us a digital activation code so we can download it and forget about swapping disks?

      If you're talking about console, doubt it. For PC it'll should have discs to install quicker but will almost definitely play disc-free through Origin

    The servers open world wide Tuesday at 4pm AEST

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      Competition I guess. You can only sell a game to someone once, so all the local retailers are vying for that one sale, and because times are tough people are going with the cheapest price they can find.

      Cheapest price = sale, regardless of if they lose money, they may make it up in add-ons or repeat business "I'm going back to jb because they were the cheapest last time"

      Because I go into BigW to buy a game cheap, then come out with an armload of other stuff I wouldn't have bought had I not gone in there to pick up the game.

    Lately I've found Ozgameshop has good prices on digital downloads.

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