Star Wars: Battlefront Is Going For Under $70 At JB Hi-Fi Right Now

Star Wars: Battlefront Is Going For Under $70 At JB Hi-Fi Right Now

Considering the prices at other retailers right now, this is probably the one to jump on if last month’s beta was your cup of tea.

EB is asking people to fork out $100. Gamesmen are doing a “deal” for $78. Dick Smith’s entry price for The Force is a fairly standard $89.

JB today have decided to Force Push that rabble out of the way; you can pre-order a PC, PS4 or Xbox One version of the game for $68 right now if you’re quick.

Even a digital download of the game through Origin will set you back $89. Ozgameshop isn’t offering a better deal either; you’ll have to pay $77.99 if you want to pre-order — and wait — through them.

Pre-orders rarely work out well for gamers, but Battlefront probably won’t get much cheaper than this before release. And if you do pre-order, you’ll at least gain access to the usual bundle of in-game swag that comes with DICE games (although that content will be made available to all players from December 8 anyway).

$68 low enough for you to bite the blaster rifle? Let us know in the comments.


  • That’s good, either way waiting for the Target/Big W split before committing (JB’s early move could start a price war with the big boys)

    • How reliable is that retailer though, and how likely are accounts to be blocked (see what happened to some of the third-party Steam resellers earlier this year) if they buy from that store?

      • I bought Vermintide from them on Monday, key came through okay and have been playing it all week. They seem to have some pretty decent reviews on trustpilot. Not sure what it would like with an Origin key as opposed to a Steam.

    • psst. use a VPN and buy from mexico origin store, will cost between $30-40 AUD depending on what version

  • I’ve got this pre-ordered at EB Games (after their E3 trade in sale). Hope that price match for something sensible. Not keen to pay $99 for it if it is on sale at $69 or whatever.

    Same price as the DLC season pass by the way. Way of the world I imagine.

    • EB Price Matched Halo 5 down to $68 (Target) so I don’t see why they wouldn’t but your mileage may vary depending on staff and store. I advise putting no more than $60 down on it as they don’t like to give you money back and would rather you preorder something else.

      • Not always a friend a few months ago tried to get them to price match a game and they said it was too low. But most of the time they will.

        I’ve also noticed that they don’t try and be dicks about it like they used to. Our version comes with purple DLC horse shoes, that version comes with green DLC horse shoes, they aren’t the same product. Back when Rage came out they wouldn’t Price Match Harvey Norman of all places ($40 saving) because they printed out some A4 posters. I purchased from HN that day.

    • I know its popular to hate on EB, but they generally arent too bad, they will price match to what ever the best price is, and I have even seen staff members price match when the customer doesnt know about a cheaper price. You also get your ‘carrots’ for purchases when price matching, so you end up getting better money for trades and early notification of awesome collectors editions ect.

      I dont know, it just everyone seems to jump on the anti EB games bandwagon, when there are far worse retailers out there

      • There were some terrible stores out there that created the image and it has stuck. I’ve noticed EB is making a lot of improvements if only corporate wouldn’t force them to ask silly questions.

  • Competition is great but BigW and Target are doing it as loss leaders, so it really hurts EB and JB the most in the short term. It would be catastrophic to lose either of those two as then the prices would shoot straight up again.

    I wonder if you can buy the DLC discounted as well? I’m feeling the shaft from the likes of $69 for The Taken King and $69 for Star Wars Battlefront season pass (PSN). If you could shave those down to an even $50 that would make it more palatable. The PlayStation and Xbox stores are the biggest monopoly’s at the moment.

    • The one redeeming feature of the consoles digital stores is how often playstation has sales, got the witcher 3 for $60 not that long ago, sure I had to wait, but I have a massive back log so not jumping on games at launch unless i really really want them is working out cheaper.

  • “standard delivery times” is the reason I won’t be doing this. I could imagine nothing worse than missing out on the first weekend of Battlefront because of Australia Post taking a week to deliver!

  • Eh? The CD key for PC is $67 on Ozgameshop not $78 – and no waiting. Digital download. You also get player points for buying from them.. Which add up to nice discounts.

  • God dammit JB, must you relieve me of all my dosh? I just pre-ordered Fallout 4 from you lot despite never having played any of them before – $59 was too good to pass up… now this!

  • good deal, paying for 12months with the 100$ i had in ps store (my mum noarmaly pays 10$ a month, so she saves 120$), and getting my mum to pay the 68$ for the game at JB, (which means i have 30$ left on ps store, and my mum saves 50$ on psplus considering the game is same price as 12 mths ps plus)

    and i get to keep those 4 ps4 themes already out, also dont need to wait for downloads. 🙂

  • Tried the beta, wasn’t impressed:
    Spawn, start shooting, hope to hit something before someone or something kills you, repeat every 30 seconds.
    Fallout 4 is just 2 weeks away anyway.

  • I think this game should cost similar to Plant Vs Zombies. Having no campaign and merely running off of an existing IP.

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