Plants Vs. Zombies Dancing To 'Gangnam Style' Is Incredibly Disturbing

The Gangnam Style dance is fabulous. Even as a cultural, inside joke, it's still hard to deny how amazing it is. Even Deadpool gets behind the Gangnam Style dance.

But when zombies with cones for hats take to the dance floor, horrifying, creepy things happen. I think it's the way they're looking at me, with their misaligned pupils and... just... *shiver*

PvZ Zombies Gangnam Style [YouTube via Avery Alix]


    I just don't get this song

      1. It's stupid in an entertaining way
      2. It's a lot harder to do those moves properly than it looks
      3. the music itself is really catchy

      50% of its popularity is due to this guy:

      People won't shut about this song. It's not even that damn good!

      It is actually a rather deep comment on the south korean culture, and how they perceive wealth, status, and what a person is based on those factors.

    Haha that is awesome. Would love to see the full thing choreographed and having a zombie dude singing it and everything.

    Source Filmmaker version in 5,4,3...

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