PlayStation Home Just Got A Lot Weirder

For some reason, Metal Gear publisher Konami will now let you buy these horse heads/"masks" in the PlayStation 3's virtual world, Home, for 99 cents a pop. Thanks, Konami!

Nothing strange about this at all. Nope.

PlayStation Home: Out Of This World [PlayStation Blog, Europe]


    Wait - there are people that actually use Home?

      Ha ha I know right - it was kinda cool for like the first 15mins before you realised it was lame/impracticable and way faster just to use the regular features from the main menu. I still have a giant (out of place) White Knight Statue (from White Knight Chronicles) in my house as the only object.

    A bit weird for us, pretty standard for Hideo though.

    AAARGH that gif keeps jumping around like crazy >_

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