See Steam's Big Picture Mode In Action (It's Awesome)

Valve's new Big Picture mode for Steam sure looks nice in pictures, but how does look, and more importantly work, in action?

The official trailer was too busy moving the camera around to let you get a good look, so I figured I'd show you.

I recorded this on my PC, but to best simulate the effects of a couch I rolled my chair back to the other side of the room and used my 360 controller.

As you can see, everything is fast and intuitive (don't mind the first 15 seconds of "choppy" footage, that's my capture software, not Steam). As Jason has already pointed out, the controller keyboard works really well, the "snapping" between sections is a breeze and it takes almost no time to go from booting up the program to getting into a game.

I like it so much, in fact, I'm thinking about sticking with it on my desktop. It's not like I use many of the service's more advanced features, I just want to pick a game and go, maybe chat with someone, and this is a much nicer, dare I say maybe even faster way of doing things.

If you want to try it out yourself, go into Steam, click settings then under "account", where it says "beta participation", opt into the "Steam Beta".


    The right game is featured in that screenshot for the video.

    Now just give me the ability to stream this wirelessly to my TV and im more than sold.

      You can do that yourself, you know? Just pick up a computer-to-HDMI adapter thing. I haven't got one myself (I want one though) but it should work, sound and all.

      As Grayda stated, that's going to be a hardware issue, which is taken care of by a long HDMI cable ... or

        damn... thats pretty awesome, thanks guys

        Curious what the lag on that is like a bad HDMI cable can add annoying lag . Hate to think what wireless is like

      You can already. Intel Wireless HD WiDi

    Vid was great... untill they showed the horrid Kotaku US interface....

    So for it to work well I would need a second PC One for my lounge room.

    I leave my PC on all the time and am usually logged into steam on it. Will it be possible to designate two PC's to the account to be used at the same time? Will I get that annoying registration code/email everytime I want to use it?

    Had a go with my laptop.

    How do I get it to run on TV without closing laptop cover? ie I still need mouse & keyboard for certain games (Civ), but can only get it to run on TV (via HDMI, of course) after closing laptop...

      Really? Most laptops have a button to switch screen mode between "duplicate" -> "Extend" -> "Projector only" -> "Laptop only"

      If not, just go into display settings and switch it over to the external screen

      Are you using Windows 7 or 8? Try (Windows key) + P and select "Projector only".


        Thanks Rhys, blaze0041 and Kotaku :)

    Suck it Origin!

    And thats why you and uplay (LOL) will always play catchup with Steam

    I can just see the Americans freaking out at $90 for Football Manager. Mind you, even I freaked out a little. $50 or no sale Sega.

    Maybe Microsoft should pay attention ahead of the release for Win 8.

    Options -> Sound -> Off. I hate how all these interfaces make all those annoying sounds. /rant.

    Really looking forward to trying this out, but now I have to work out how to mount my wheel for games like F1 2012 and NFS.

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