The First Trailer For Valve's Big Picture Mode

Here's a new look at some of the features that will launch with Big Picture's beta today. For more on Steam TV, check out our big hands-on preview.


    So does your computer have to be plugged into your tv for it to work?

    DAT KEYBOARD. Why has no one thought of that before??

      There was a custom Android keyboard I saw a few months back that is very similar, but I agree, much better than "hit right 13 times to type 'p' "

      Something Microsoft really needs to implement on LIVE.

      The concept has been around for a solid 10 years, it's just never gone mainstream.

        Yeah... as I mentioned in the other thread, something very similar was in the original Killzone on PS2. That was 2004... not sure if anybody else did it before that.

    I love the idea, but you really need two PC's to make it work. It is a pain in the arse to constantly change from my monitor to my TV.

    I want a steam box, I want something that will boot to steam so I don't have to screw around. I want them to release an OS that I can install on any PC I build that will just boot to steam, be completely controlled by my controller and I am sold.

      I suspect this is why they've started pushing linux compatibility - they can release their own gaming oriented OS.

      just run a second hdmi output to your tv

      I thought I read somewhere (TechSpot cover of a Kotaku post IIRC) that Big Picture Mode ships with an option to start at boot.

      I reckon it'd be quite easy to turn a dedicated gaming PC into a console-like experience with minimal effort. Provided you only use Steam for games.

    One more reason to preorder ouya....

    Don't think this is for me. Much prefer my computer chair with a good mouse and keyboard than playing in the lounge room. Which is probably why I haven't finished some of my 360 and Wii games I have lying around still.

    Also, while that virtual keyboard looks heaps better than the 360 one, I'd still hate to use it for more than a few simple searches.

    Cool and all, but I have my pc hooked up to my tv anyway..

    "Plus a web browser for the TV that doesn't suck" lol love that. Have to say that I have tried the IE beta on xbox though and it's not all that bad, so I am interested to see how that compares (besides key input, because that Steam controller-keyboard-wheel-thing looks awesome).

    Anyway, I am definitely looking forward to trying this out. Good job Valve!

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