Sleeping Dogs Almost Looks Better In First-Person Mode

RacerS2 has released a tweak for Sleeping Dogs that lets you play the open-world game in first-person, instead of the game's default third-person view.

While you couldn't play the game to completion like this - melee combat would be all but impossible - it certainly ramps up the level of immersion you get from United's digital version of Hong Kong. Which sounds good to me.

The third-person view forces the player to fixate much of their attention on the player avatar itself, meaning a lot of the more incidental detail in the game world is rarely noticed. Drag the view in like this and suddenly the streets look, and feel, more alive.

You can grab the mod yourself at the link below.

Sleeping Dogs Camera Control [ToCA, via DSOGaming]


    Someone should release a mod where the game doesn't constantly crash HKShip.EXE & make me redo the missions 50 times.

      Totally crash free playthrough for me, that was with HD texture pack and everything punched to maximum quality.

      I think the "mod" you're looking for is actually a patch. And the "someone" that will make it, will hopefully be the developers.

        Yeah, that's the joke man. It's such a good game, shame it dies on me so much.

      They already have:


    Is there any way to disable the English? Given I understand canto just fine, it tends to break the immersion.

    I really wanted to like this game, but the cars handle like crap, the combat isn't really all that fun, overall i just couldn't bring myself to play more than a few hours before i shelved it.

    i think some games, like sleeping dogs and dead island should be in 3rd person view.

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