Snake Isn't An Old Man In The New Metal Gear

We've already seen Old Snake — heck, we had a whole game with him. While the promotional artwork for Metal Gear Sold: Ground Zeroes shows a younger looking Snake, the game's debut footage seems to show an older looking Snake. Or does it?

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima attempted to clear up the confusion on Twitter, writing: "I'm seeing a lot of tweets about how when Snake takes off his goggles, he's old-looking because of his grey hairs. That, however, is just the backlighting making them look grey."

The difference is even more pronounced when you compare the promotional image and the game footage. Still, noted!

ゴーグルを外した時のスネーク [Twitter via トー速]


    I'd say he's 40 years old in Ground Zeroes.

    Why? Chico doesn't look any older than he was in Peacewalker, so I'd the mission takes place a year after the events of the last game, and Big Boss was born in 1935, that leaves him at 40 years of age, 2 years younger than The Boss when she was killed in her last fight with her pupil.

      Well, Snake was 39 years old in Peace Walker, I remember that because of some throwaway line about 'dying at the same age as El Che (Che Guevara)', and I think Ground Zeroes will be no more than six years after that game. I thought Chico was about eight or nine in PW, and he looks 13 or 14 now (I guess), so four to six years' gap? I think it's set between 1978 and 1980.

    In the first image I saw of snake standing side on in the rain looking upwards he looks a lot younger than in the trailer, much more like he does in peace walker.


    That's some pretty powerful lighting if it's bleaching his hair...

    i just couldnt get into the whole recruitment thing in portable ops and so skipped peace walker (plus i had already ditched my psp) - don't suppose if there is any word on that style of gameplay being integrated? I heard "open world" mentioned a few times but thats about it.

      you can pick up Peace walker on the PS3 in the MGS collection pack (MGS2,3,and peace walker)

      Peace Walker was much better than Portable Ops. It still had recruitment, but it was done by attaching a self-inflating fulton recovery balloon to incapacitated enemies rather than carrying them all the way back to the truck.

      Peace Walker is undoubtedly best game on PSP and my personal favourite of 2010, and 2010 was a bitchin' year for video games!

    Wait, despite people calling him Snake, this is still Big Boss right? Also, I think I remember BigB saying at the end of Peacewalker for people to not call him "Snake" anymore. Maybe I am mistaken.

      Excellent! Well then, they should be calling him Big Boss in promotional stuff. He is way cooler! I mean, he died like 2 times or something. I find BigB a more interesting character because of his turn to “evil”. I hope Ground Zeros focuses on how he changed and why he made Outer Heaven.

        To me Big Boss wasn't 'Evil' it was Major Zero who had 'evil' intentions to control the world which he created the Patriots but Big Boss was against this which Zero was disappointed with Snakes choice.

    I dunno, he still looks pretty bloody old to me.
    Obviously much younger than MGS 4, as he doesn't have a receding hairline.

      They are 2 different characters!!!

      MGS3, MGS:Portable Ops, MGS: Peace Walker, MGS: Ground Zeroes = Naked Snake/Big Boss

      MG, MG2, MGS, MGS2, MGS4 = Solid Snake

        Er... I assume Tom is talking about when Big Boss shows up at the very end of MGS4 to have a chat with Old Snake. And he was looking pretty old there.

    Hed still make old ezio look like a bitch!

    It's not like the Ground Zeroes (Zeroes? ENGLISH MOTHERFU) footage was shot with a Super 8.

    If it looks grey but isn't mean to: COLOUR CORRECT IT.

    Right now: It looks grey, he's old.

    He looks old in the face, not just because of his "grey-looking" hairs! Doesn't he also say something in the footage about his age (or someone on the radio mentions it I can't remember). He might not be ready for a retirement home but he is still old

      Yeah, he looks grey and wrinkly in the video. I've never seen anyone with a dark beard in any lighting that made it look like that. How is backlighting making his beard look grey when his beard is in the shadows?

    Thesbare the same people that gave raiden a amber coloursd eye back in the original metal gear rising promos, when his eyes are blue,

    whys everyone assuming that kid in the cage was Chico? Chico is way older in Peace Walker than that kid who's like 6- Chico is like 14. I expect Paz and Chico will be a bit grown up.

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