Splinter Cell's New Trailer Is Hilariously Explosive

I remember when the Splinter Cell series was about sneaking around in the dark. Those were good times.

Also, while you can say it's hilarious, the complete lack of self awareness as to how absurd this trailer looks is more than a little concerning.


    No Michael Ironside makes me a sad panda.

    Also this game looks like the worst in the series so far. Might buy a second hand copy or something when it's been out six months.

      It sounds so wrong!!!!! No my ears! Why Why Why. They can take that game a shove it. Splinter Cell ended with Chaos Theory.

    Most of Ubisoft's franchises are going down the gurgler recently, the only 2 hopefuls left is AC3 and Rainbow 6... the last Ghost Recon game was meh....

      The last Ghost Recon game only needed a regional search filter.

        You're like a caricature.

        I love it.

    What the heck, man?

    That looks so silly.

    Did they call in Micheal Bay to punch up the scenes?

      I'm pretty sure he's busy working on the COD franchise at the moment. What with the Transformers making a cameo in the Black Ops and all.

    'merica!! *Smash Smash Bang Bang* "Insert generic gravel voiceover"

    Trailer done, cash plz.

    The lack of Michael Ironside's voice is infuriating, however I am gonna buck the trend and say that I am actually looking forward to this game. I enjoy shooters, I loved the new ghost recon, this and looks similar.

    Its sold me.

    Splinter Cell is dead. It died in 2010.

    This is just a terrible specre come back to torment us.

    Jesus Christ. just don't buy the damn game!
    Ironside is gone. It sucks, but deal with it!

    No iconic Ironside as voice annoys the crap out of me but that is a personal thing.
    Changing this game to another AMERICA F*** YEAH COME TO SAVE THE MOTHAF***ING DAY YEAH piece of crap is offensive. I played the last SC game and it was rubbish, this is even less SC.
    It is like taking Metal Gear Solid and making it a COD clone instead, same amount of idiocy and betrayal to what genre the franchise is about.

    That's a really crappy voiceover.

    Wow this is sad making an apparent stealth series into a full on action shooter not cool! They are basically giving you two options.... One the way they want you to play which is all out run n gun action or two... Avoid the game entirely by going round by hanging off cliffs ^.^

    I downloaded and still play SC: Chaos Theory from the XBL marketplace, one of the best stealth games made...

    Fuck this new crap, its not real Splinter Cell if I cant tactically shoot out lights and then whistle to get guards to come to me for bad ass kills from the shadows. They ruined the series by making it "accessible" for the ADHD kiddies who need constant loud noises and Michael Bay explosions...

    My fav part of the real SC games was taking hours to learn and execute the best ways to complete missions...

    Oh you set off an alarm? mission failed. Start again.


    i wish they would have made that last splinter cell game that they ORIGINALLY intended to make. where you could use the environment, block doors with shelves, put bombs in bins to distract guards, and you were dressed as a normal person trying to fit in with the public.

    sooo much more interesting for the series to head to.

    Call of Duty + Uncharted = Splinter Cell these days?

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