The Flood Return In Halo 4

Halo Waypoint released a massive amount of new Halo 4 screenshots for us to feast our eyes on. These include campaign shots (beware that spoilers might follow in several of those in reference to the Dawn and Infinity missions), multiplayer mode War Games and cooperative mode Spartan Ops.

War Games includes a Flood "simulation", where you'll see infected Spartan soldiers.


Spartan Ops

War Games


    Wow. I can't help but feel like they should've left news of The Flood returning to the actual game. Could've been an awesome reveal.

      How would that be a good reveal? It's a new trilogy and it was promised the flood would not feature as the antagonist. As a simulated enemy in war games I can accept,. No presence in the main campaign though.

        As much as I love the Flood, I'm pretty happy that they won't be in the campaign for Halo 4.

        I do hope they make a return later in the trilogy though. I'd be particularly interested in how 343 would handle them.

    Makes me wish I still had an xbox360

    i really hate the flood. im glad there not in the main missions (so far)

    how epic are the cutscene screenshots with the human characters. so happy 343i is giving it more of a story worthy of the novels.

    The art and graphics of this game looks absolutely stunning. Really hope they end up porting it to PC at some stage.

    I'll still be getting this either way though. Maybe I'll play it on a TV to make the bas resolution less jarring.

    Still feeling "meh" about this. I'll give it a shot, don't worry about that. It might surprise me. But I am still annoyed at the stepbacks they're taking after Reach.

    Although, unliked 90% of all Halo fans, I'm not going to be a total dick about "the last game was better" that plague all forums.

    Well - at least they aren't in the main campaign. The Flood is just so boring to flight.

    Oh god dammit, I was hoping I'd never have to see the damned flood again.

    Flood were in Halo 1, 2 & 3 I would of figured it was apparent they'd make an appearance in the 4th halo series game.

    YES oh god yes!
    So unbelievably keen for the Flood, what can be more awesome than an all devouring ancient alien parasite.

    This made my day

    Them some purdy pictures

      seriously, this game is looking pretty amazing, isn't it.

    Metal... Gear..?
    Interested to see what the vehicle is like.

    Is it me, or do you hear in your head 'Gangnam Style' when you look at the screenshots of the Flood

    I was really hoping they'd give the flood a pass in this game. they stopped being scarey in Halo 2 and stopped being anything like a challenge in Halo 3.

    3 repeat images in that post...quality editing and proof reading right there.

    The Flood... *facepalm*

    I have always hated them as a foe.
    Easily the most boring and infuriating enemy to fight.

    Hopefully they are out of the campaign.

    Looks awesome cant wait for it to come out, hopefully there's no halo 3 cortana moments man that lvl was fucked on legendary!!

    Lovely. Hopefully no flood in the campaign though...

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