The Next Final Fantasy Is... Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII heroine Lightning will be back in a new game, Square-Enix announced today. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Series director Motomu Toriyama spoke over an image of a rose, saying roses have many meanings. He then said that this game is the conclusion of Lightning's saga. (No, we're not sure what that means either!)

Toriyama said Lightning will make her comeback, returning as a stronger character than she was in the first two games, FF XIII and FF XIII-2.

A presentation in Tokyo is ongoing. We'll be updating this story as they say more.


    Very excited for this. With the release of this hopefully final game one thing you can say for sure is that this would have defiantly been the most unique Final Fantasy story to date.

      If by unique you mean tedious and boring.... then yes. Yes for sure.

        What's your favourite game at the moment weresmurf? I'm just interested in your taste in games to help put your comment in perspective.

          weresmurf's favourite game is trashtalking in the comments section.

    I have enjoyed the 13 series, but I resolutions deserve to be a trilogy. It lacks the heart and soul of the older games, it just doesn't have the character.

      Yes, my sentiments also

    When it comes to characters, 'strong' means well written to the point that we care about that character. Strong doesn't mean they can beat someone up.

      Exactly. I did not give the slightest of care about any of the characters in these games. Square need to look back before going forward.

    I cannot wait. I hope this is amazing, and that Lightning really is better than ever!! :D

    I couldn't get into FFXIII-2, so guess I will be giving this one a miss.

    Wonderful news. Lightning probably wasn't my favourite character in 13, although she was still great, however she was excellent in 13-2, especially with her emotional DLC cementing the series as her story. I'm really hoping things turn out well for her - eagerly anticipating this game. I'm sure they will give some glimpses into the fate of the other key charcaters too, even if they don't play a big part in the game (kinda like Snow and Zash's cameos in 13-2) - I'm not quite ready to completely say goodbye to Noel!

    Operation Nora

    FYI the complete presentation is up on the yutubes now for any night owls who are interested.


    Don't even get me started on KH3.

    Is the FFXIII series really that good?

    I struggled through about half of FFXIII but I gave up on it half way through and never got around to going back (one of the very few games I have ever run through to completion). Considered picking up FFXIII-2 but considering I'd never finished the first decided to wait until I got around to it.

      It has definatly been a new page for SE. But I have loved the XIII's so far. If you can make the time it's worth giving them a shot.

      As I see it though XIII has been SE's chance to experiment and find it's place in the modern HD world. I like to hope that this will mark a turning point for the new and improved future of FF.

        Thank, appreciate the response - I may give it another go with a fresh play through over the X-Mas period / holidays then.

      They're not good they just keep making them and promising to make the enw one slightly better then the last.

    AUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHH. I hate 13. I don't mind others liking it, but to get not one but two sequels baffles me personally. Not going to hate on others for liking it but I just think that any more is too much. X-2 was all right but I think this story wasn't really one I believed to be appropriate. I guess SE is trying something new but I'm not a fan.

    Played 13 all the way through and I didn't like it but since I'm a fanboy completionist I just had to beat it. Played a bit of 13-2 and just gave up on it one hour in. Didn't wanna go through it again. haha. Definitely a miss from me though. I'm hoping they write up a story for the next FF that will really grab me like the ones from the past did.

      Hey Pan. Hold on to XIII-2. Give it another go. Maybe when you finsih your current suit of games and are eying off you pile of shame give it another go. To me the battle system is so much fun it can get you hooked, then after spending a bit fo time with those characters they really grow on you!

      Regardless, if your mind is made up, thanks for respecting the XIII fans!

        I may try it, I dunno. I'm not a fan of the battle system. I did hold onto it because as you said I may try it again later. But I guess it was too much change too quickly for me to truly appreciate it. :P

      13-2 is great. I didn't quite like 13 either, as a diehard ff fanboy I always play thru ffs

        What the heck? I didn't finish typing and it submitted itself?! Anyways, I always played thru previous FFs more than once, but 13 was the only game I didnt want to touch again - until I finally finished 13-2 and got all fragments and paradox ending. It's good.

          Yep I'm addicted to 13-2 too - just polishing off the last couple of fragments now and maybe one last paradox ending (you know the solo fight between Serah and Caius) now.

    Didn't these two games sell a few million combined? Another case of the negative minority making the most noise.

    Plenty of people (myself included) are looking forward to this. XIII-2 was the most fun I've had with a JRPG this gen.


    They need to stop milking XIII...
    Especially announcing/releasing these spin-offs (XIII-2/Lightning) while completely ignoring the fact that Versus still isn't out.

    Square Enix continue to ignore the fans. Final Fantasy 13 was just terrible yet they continue to make sequels to the worst FF ever created. Why don’t they realocate development assets to finishing promising games like versus XIII and the FFX remastered. Also even making Final Fantasy XV would be fine. It’s clear at this point they are saving FFXV for next gen and will continue to milk their fans with these terrible games while also promising good final fantasy games that never seem to make any progress or release.

      Well I'm a fan and I'm interested in the new game, so guess it is just a matter of personal taste. Personally I expect that the 13 series is more popular than you realise. That said, I'll have egg on my face if LR:FF13 tanks :P

    Just started playing FF13-2 after owning it for months. And I have to say it is a great improvement over 13. In 13 the combat system took a while to flesh out and be fun because you had to have the right abilities and all the different paradigm sets. 13-2 just seemed to be what 13 should have been from the start and I'm loving it.

    So hopefully this new one ups the bar to :)

    XIII and XIII-2 have felt like X and X-2 all over again. Even the mission based, fixed party, searching for someone who vanished at the end of the first game, revisiting old places and people, and playing dress-up template of X-2 was copied. I also thought Tidus and Yuna were weak characters and I felt that Serah and Lightning were the weakest characters of XIII. Heck, even Hope actually became interesting. Hopefully this one won't feel like a rehash of Dirge of Cerberus.

      Dress up template of X-2 in XIII-2?? I might have missed an aspect of the game but im at the final boss (just too lazy to grind a few more lvls before i can finish it) and i don't remember outfit changing being a real part of the game or even really being in their at all i think they have similar if not same outfits that they start with.

      This game i can not wait for going to be great to get to play with Lightning again she was always in my party in the XIII. XIII series is probably the best FF game since FF7 i reckon and im glad they are keeping it going.

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