These Are The Best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figures Ever Made

There have been several different lines of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys since the half-shell heroes first appeared in plastic back in 1989. None of those were half as good as the series hitting store shelves right now.

Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo; the TMNT team is made up of these four brothers, each with their own distinct personality. Toy makers have traditionally depicted these four separate entities in two ways: bandana colour and weapon choice. And since each character sported these distinctive differences, there was no need to, say, use a different sculpt for the body, or a different shade of paint for the skin. The heads were done a little different, but for the most part those older toys were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Clones.

Playmates finally switches things up with the latest series of toys, created as companion pieces to the new Cartoon Network series. I picked up Donatello from Wal-Mart last weekend, figuring I'd only get my favourite character, but when I got him out of the package I knew I had to have the rest.

These are amazing figures. Each has a distinctive head. Each has a distinctive shell (Raph's even has cracks in his). The details are gorgeous, from the skin textures to the shape of the hands. Statues aside, this is the closest an action figure has gotten to Eastman and Laird's original creations.

The rest of the line isn't quite as good. The new April O'Neil is cute, but she's more-or-less a solid piece of plastic with little articulation. Krang is small and strange. The Foot Ninja would be more of a threat if they were half as poseable as the turtles. I probably won't be making any purchases from the line beyond these.

But that's OK. These four are all I need. Great job, Playmates! Almost makes up for the NES game.


    slow news day is go!

    The old turtles toys did have different coloured skins btw, and generally looked better imo.

      Was going to say exactly this, I distinctly remember Donatello being darker than the rest of them.

      So completely bummed that I let Mum sell them way back when, along with the party van.

        I sometimes get nostalgic for old toys I wish I still had, especially those Turtles.

    They are kinda cool but still I prefer the classic line that came out this year to this one.
    IMO the best line ever was the NECA set of original comic turtles where they all wear the red bandana. Those figures trump everything for me being an older fan :)

    they gave raphael the original mike skin?

    nope - these ones modeled on the graphic novel turtles are the best:

      yep, used to own all of them, lost them in a freak oven accident along with my original transformers :(

    I loved the NES game. School holidays meant camping out in Grace Bros playing it for hours.

    I also used to love going to Sydney airport in the early/mid 90s purely for the fact I would be donating coins to the arcade cabinet TMNT game

    Isn't the new show on Nickelodeon?

    Thanks Aegis for posting the NECA Turtles. I was gonna say... These new ones are pretty good, but best? Not by a long shot.

    I'm keen to get some of these, but I agree, they don't look as good as the NECA Rach as seen sitting on my desk

    These ones are much cooler

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