Wow. People In The United States Really Care About FIFA Now...

In 1994 the World Cup took place in the United States. My enduring memory of that tournament is watching sound bytes from Americans who had no idea the tournament was taking place, who thought it was a tennis tournament. If we can track the integration of Football in the consciousness of Americans by looking at FIFA sales, well, it looks like people in the US are finally starting to take notice of the beautiful game.

EA is claiming that, on day one, FIFA sold 353,000 units in the US alone, which represents 42% year on year growth for the franchise in that territory. That is a pretty insane number.

Considering the fact that FIFA sells bucketloads in Europe and all other territories, surely FIFA must be EA Sports' most important yearly franchise? Perhaps even EA's most important franchise in general.

If that is the case, I'm glad that such a well produced sports game is making in-roads. FIFA 13 is sports done right in video games. I'm loving it so far.


    Now all that needs to be done is to educate the US about Cricket!

      No first is get them to call it football.

    Probably just all the expats over there buying it. Or the mexicans.

    This is great news. America's local league (the MLS) is on the rise as well. Now if only our country could follow the same trends.

    I'm finding it harder and harder to watch football with all the diving followed by petulant crying to the refs.

      Yeah, it's not a sport that endears itself to followers of other football codes.

      And I'm finding it harder and harder to believe that you think people fall for your hilariously ill-informed, blinkered bullshit. You're a dolt, and not a very good one.

        It's the perception a lot of people have. I'll also note that ultra-defensive, chip-on-their-shoulder soccer fans do nothing to convert others.

      Yep. It is the only sport that rewards the weakest players who cry the most. italy are the kings of falling over and crying. They faked an injury to scam their way into the world cup final not so long ago.

        Not ultra-defensive, just sick and tired of the regurgitated bullshit you get from people who obviously have no idea what they're talking about. Can't speak for other commenters but personally couldn't care less if people like Quom are "converted"or not, they'll cling to their daily telegraph and stereotypes in the face of reality, so why would people want to try to convert them? Far better to call them on their rubbish.

    pity thier terrible at it.....

    Yeah, I listen to a lot of US podcasts and I've been surprised at how much FIFA discussion is happening this year.

    Hopefully the fact that more people are playing the games means EA Canada keeps the quality levels high.

    Soccer is one of the most highly played sports by children in the United States and has been for quite some time now. It only makes sense that these kids grew up to have an interest in the sport and in the video games too.

    "surely FIFA must be EA Sports’ most important yearly franchise? Perhaps even EA’s most important franchise in general."

    Yeah, it's certainly looking like it - executives always made a huge deal out of it in investor calls and the like.

    The reason FIFA is big on the US now is because 2 of there best players are finally playing for a big club. COYS

      But seriously, the continued improvement of US national players, plying their trade for big clubs in Europe, coupled with the bit imports to the MLS such as Henry, Becks, Keane,Cahill etc probably has something to do with it

    It isnt yanks buying it but the mexicans, More of them come over every year.

    Next step is to get them to start caring about PES.

      Big up yo'sel.

    Just picked my copy of Fifa 13 up this arvo. I didn't realise the Aussie version of the game would feature Cahill on the front (swear I read we would get a Messi-only boxart).

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