Yes, I Understand, But Can It Run Crysis?

The Mira supercomputer processes quadrillions of operations every second. It is powered by 768,000 cores spread across 48 blade racks. It is powerful enough to simulate the entire universe.

But can it run Crysis?

The Mira supercomputer has been built in order to track millions of particles as they move throughout space and collide with one another. Essentially the goal of this project is to try and create simulated galaxies in order to confirm how they are created and how they evolve. It's been built in an attempt to provide more insight into multiple different theories scientists have concocted in an attempt to explain how our cosmos was created and how it continues to exist.

It's crazily interesting stuff, and somewhat beyond my casual understanding of popular science, but Mira is pretty much the most powerful computer ever made at this point — it can perform quadrillion floating point operations per second and has nearly a petabyte of RAM.


For more in-depth info head to The Atlantic.


    Unfortunately it only has integrated graphics, so it will only play Crisis on low res at 18fps.

    Wow so that is how powerful our consoles will be in a decade or so?

    So can it run Crysis? Didn't even answer the question Mark.

    Pfft, only the third fastest computer ever.

    It'll tell you the answer once you come back with the right question ...

    So what you're saying is that it can't run Crysis max settings?

    I work in a datacentre and I'd love if our cabling looked that good.

    it can't play Crysis because of the custom OS it runs.

    Aussie science means that this computer is already out of date!!!

    The answer to the question, will it run crysis? is.... 42

    "...[I]n an attempt to explain how our cosmos was created and how it continues to exist."

    Derr God made it using special powers.

      Sure he MADE it... but it continues to exist because of Adam.

      He's been keeping the universe going with his fabulous, secret powers that were revealed to him the day I held aloft his magic sword and said: "By the Power of Greyskull!"
      Why have you never heard this before??? Well its because only three others share this secret. His friends the Sorceress, Man-at-Arms, and Orko
      ... so don't tell him I told you or where both in the shit...

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