Asari Biotics Liara And Samara Look Fantastic As A Mage And A Templar In Dragon Age

Andrew Ryan, the artist behind the spectacular, brain-bending Dragon Age and Mass Effect crossover art, has continued adding to his glorious gauntlet of crossover characters.

The most recent additions are deadly asari Liara and Samara. Liara has taken the role of High Enchanter and Samara, with her strict justicar's code, makes a perfect Knight-Commander. (Preferably with fewer murderous paranoid delusions than a certain DAII Knight-Commander.)

Ryan has also updated Shepard and Kaidan, the first two from the set, to tweak their poses and bring them into line with the detail and style of the rest of the series. The entire rogues' (and mages', and warriors') gallery is getting too big to embed, so hit up his DeviantArt page for the full set.

First Enchanter Liara and Knight-Commander Samara [Andrew Ryan - Tumblr]

Dragon Effect - Progress Shot [Andrew Ryan - DeviantArt]


    The more I see it? The more it makes sense to me that Mass Effects races would've worked better in a medieval game...

      A Krogan in full plate armour.......hell yes

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