Booth Babes Not The Only Embarrassment At Eurogamer Expo

There's being funny. And then there's being whatever FIFA-loving YouTube video game commentator JJ "KSIOlajidebt" Olatunji was in the video up top.

When we last covered the exploits of Olatunji, he was encouraging his 600,000 or so YouTube channel subscribers to e-mail Kotaku to help highlight his frustations with, the gaming site and channel partner that he felt wasn't giving its star content creators their fair share of ad revenue generated by popular videos.

Olatunji appears to have successfully broken away from Machinima. He even seems to have hooked up some sort of deal with PC maker Razer to help hype their stuff at the ongoing Eurogamer Expo with official CultofRazer videos like this and this. (I'm not clear on what his deal is with Razer and how official it is; I have a request in with the PC-maker to clarify.)

So, that video above? That's his handiwork, too. 200,000 clicks and counting. And, on Facebook, his fans love it. He's made videos like it before; just man-on-the-street videos of him asking rude sexual questions for comedic effect. I guess it's not that different than Howard Stern's routine, and plenty of people like that. It's not for me and I'm not so sure it was for all the folks interviews in that video. If this is the direction coverage of video game conventions could be heading, count me out.

Good on Olatunji for being able to attract a half million clicks on a video that just hypes that he got to London to go to the expo, but, come on, really? This new video is a bit much.

In other Eurogamer Expo news, the organisers banned booth babes from next year's show.



    I think it's a long, long, long, long bow to draw to say this is "where videogame conventions are heading".

    It's one guy being as awkward as possible for laughs. Might not be funny for everyone, bit hardly a snapshot of every male gamer's misogyny.

      Also annoying: you can't complain about total clicks/views and then link it on a heavily read gaming blog. You're going to drive views.

    Privated video? Can't watch it. :|

        ....private. Yeah. It's been reposted, just search YouTube for his name.

    Tad bit of Irony in this article considering Kotaku itself seems to be heading towards it's content being made up of 80% Boobs.

      I haven't noticed any boobs in Kotaku. What articles have you been reading?

        He probubly has acsess to the R18+ part of it. lol

    What a creep.
    Sure, some girls seemed to be okay with it, but he seemed to really freak out others, or kept going when they were clearly uncomfortable with the situation (one of them even tried to turn him down nicely and he just kept pushing).

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