Creator Of Controversial Eurogamer Video Offers An Apology

YouTube gaming personality KSIOlajidebt said on Twitter today that he "apologise[s] to the people I may have offended with my 'awkward eurogamer' video. My intent was never to sexual harass." Full story here.


    Yes it was.

      Agreed. His supporters may try and say he was joking, but he was clearly just being a bully. And that's not funny. And it's much worse when it's sexual. People like Gervais and Baron Cohen may be able to pull off the faux-bully routine, but this JJ came across totally real.

    Unfortunately, i fear this will do precisely nothing to curb the increasingly vile and vicious attacks on people like Stephen or Ian Cheung who "dared" to write ill of him. Cults of personality are dangerous things, especially when you come to believe your idol can do no wrong..

      Well a lot of these writers should have seen it coming, after all they wrongly accused a reasonably high profile youtuber of sexism and sexual assault.

        I agree with everything you said, except probably the "wrongly" part.

        Seen it coming? Maybe seen coming some disagreement even some outrage, but the sheer scale of the horrible insults and threats is staggering. And all illiterate and clumsy.

    Wonder how long this guy can hang in there before pulling out the race card.
    Then he'll become the victim and this sexual harassment thing will be forgotten.

      Already happened but not sure if it went anywhere:

    What a non-story about a non-apology. Maybe Kotaku is trying to beat up an Allan Jones story for the gaming press.

    I never even heard of the guy. If no one likes what he did/does, how about not giving him the attention?
    Get this - there are assholes in the world. Much worse and more offensive than this guy. Stop beating up a nothing story.

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