Chinese Grandma Tries To Shut Down A Microsoft Event, Then Things Get Ugly

To kick off Surface, Microsoft held big launch events in China. At the midnight event in Beijing, there were dancers, loud music, and one pissed off grandma. That's when things got ugly.

According to Sina, the noise was apparently keeping her grandchildren awake — a problem since the next day was a schoolday. So the grandma and the grandpa decided to do more than complain: grandma got on stage and tried to shut the whole event down. That's when staff dragged the old lady off stage. You can also see the grandfather (in red) being pulled off stage, too.

A new type of computing. Surface. A new type of launch event. Manhandling old people.

You can see how the whole thing played out in the above video, courtesy of Youku.

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Surface首发扰民 老人上台抗议被保安推倒在地 [Sina via 36kr via MIC]

Image: Sina Weibo


    Just looked like she was trying to have a good time.

      try shutting down a microsoft event, youre gonna have a bad time

    MS need to be careful how they play PR with regards to this one. It could go either way.

    Considering that most people go to bed at 10pm in China, like 95% of people.. having a midnight launch with lots of loud music within range of residential properties seems like a bit of an even planning stuff up.. but I'll wait to hear from my friends in China to find out the truth behind this.

      Surely Microsoft can't predict a crazy grandma would try and interrupt a stage act for a multi billion dollar companies product launch, trying to blame Microsoft for her poor judgement is petty.

    She was totally trying to get involved. Nobody tries to shut down an event by facing the audience and waving their arm to the beat of the music.

    The Red Army strikes.

    It took me a while to actually notice the Grandmother. I thought she was just another dancer at first.

    I was expecting something more along the lines of tanks. Seemed they were about as civil as they could be.


    when will they learn....

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