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FIFA always releases during that sweet spot. The big holiday season games haven't quite come out yet, but you're looking for something to play. I always have a solid couple of weeks in September/October when I spend a fair amount of time playing FIFA, and this year is no exception.

For me personally, FIFA is the best sports game on the planet. It's by far the most comprehensive in terms of its feature set, and balances accessibility with depth. If you're looking for a template on how to create and maintain a modern sports franchise, look no further.

Tragically for Konami and the Pro Evolution Soccer series — which has made great, great strides this year — FIFA 13 shows no sign of taking its foot off the gas. New features like the a dramatically different first touch change the game up and a layer of pacing to proceedings, while the new skill games are just a perfect, 'why didn't I think of that' addition that slides perfectly into everything that FIFA represents.

I'm absolutely loving the game so far. What are your thoughts?


    wasnt one of the Fifa series known in the hacking of 2011/2012 xbox accounts, people saccoutns wore hackled and used to purchase teams or somethign, are we gonna see another wave this game around ....

      I don't know much about the "hackled" of the "saccoutns" but I have enjoy this game.

      I don't think it was FIFA's fault, it was just what the hackers were spending the points on.

      I think.

    Played FIFA since the early release and the more I play it, the more frustrated I tend to get with it.
    Playing online is virtually impossible for me because I can't stand the high paces ping pong type of football that is played.

    Ill have to stick to the quite solid Career Mode for the time being. Until NBA 2k13 comes out... Now THAT is a sporting franchise to look up to.

    Since purchasing FIFA 13 I have been blown away by the difference the subtle changes have been made to the game. With the new first touch physics system and the tweaks to the dribbling, and a ball that feels as though it has a bit more weight to it, no two games feel the same. EA have really outdone themselves this year.

    The difference in tactics between teams is now clearly evident and boy does it show in game.. i.e. the physical long ball game of stoke as opposed to the ticka tacka style of Barcelona. For true football purists this level of detail will mean countless hours clocked up in FIFA 13, and I mean hours of pure Bliss.

    The only downside will be for those looking for simple pick up games with mates and casual players. The game requires patience and time to develop your skills and real tactical knowledge of the game is vital to be a good player, and to get the most rewarding experience from your playing time. Once again PE13 may be more suited to the casual crowd!

    I have been blown away by FIFA 13, and I have purchased EA's new iteration every year since 09. I am predicting many, many hours spent playing when I should be studying ( and even working :) ) Definitely a must have!!!

      The one thing I don't like is that there isn't an 'arcade' mode for when you want a casual game with friends that don't play so much, we often end up with a boring 0-0 or 1-0. It might be realistic or good for the purists, but give me a 5-2 or a 3-1 any day for casual play.

    Haven't played it yet, but watched my brother playing for a bit. Looked like there were several improvements over 12. From what I saw, the difference between good and bad teams (such as Man City vs Gillingham) was very noticable in a completely natural way. And the skill game before matches looked pretty useful.

    I have bought FIFA every year for the past 10 years. I can honestly say that this is the best one yet, but is also the Lear different from the previous year. The subtle changes, such as first touch control, have made it more realistic but I feel that they could have changed more.

    this game is as awesome as always.. still blown away by how they can keep improving what seems like an already majorly polished title!! wfirst few days consisted of the loser blabbing on about the 'fkn first touch!' etc etc haha I even started to say it when I lost a couple and it Does make me feel a little better haha. but piss takes aside I love the fifa series and already we've had the neighbors knocking on our door at 4:30am because we are doing goal celebrations that put the real soccer players ones to shame... alcohol doesn't help either, we just get louder and louder. so if you are my neighbor.. sorry but it's not going to die down anytime soon! :)

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