Gears Of War Film Adaptation May Not Be Entirely Doomed After All

Gears Of War Film Adaptation May Not Be Entirely Doomed After All

Ah, the Hollywood process. There have been talks in Hollywood about a Gears of War movie for a long time. In 2009 it looked likely. In 2010, it seemed plauged with delays. 2011 saw it sliding into “development hell“.

It seems like we’re due for an annual update, then, and Variety has provided one — this time, cautiously optimistic. They report that New Line, the studio that was originally supposed to make the film, has essentially shelved the project in order to focus on nearly-guaranteed moneymaker The Hobbit.

But all hope is not lost. The game series remains popular, with fourth instalment Gears of War Judgment due out next year, interest in the film is revitalised. And so the agency representing the Gears of War film, which has gone through multiple producers and scripts, is merrily picking up their ball and putting it into play elsewhere.

And so, in 2012, five years after the Gears of War movie was supposed to start production (and two years after it was supposed to be released), we have our annual word about how the project continues apace.

‘Gears’ turning for film adaptation (Exclusive) [Variety]


  • I’ll pass on “Dudebro’s Of War: the movie” thanks, im envisioning something like the love child of the expendables and skyline…. not something entertaining in the slightest….

    Also who the hell would play these brick shithouses? Michael Clarke Duncan (RIP) would have been the only bloke big enough play any of the dudebro’s.. (with any sort of decent degree of acting)

    • I lol’d. 🙂

      RIP indeed; what about Ving Rhames? He could just pull an Eddy Murphy and play the entire cast of brick shithouses, right? It’s a dudebro movie after all so we don’t have to put much thought into it!

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