I Bought A 5th Gen IPod Touch For Gaming, And I Am Incredibly Pleased

I'm getting rid of my iPhone 4S. After years of using my phone more as a gaming machine than a communication device, I've decided to move on. The recently-released fifth generation iPod Touch is the perfect tool to wean me off of my iPhone dependency.

I'm not impressed by the iPhone 5 — I prefer a little more heft to my handset. Despite its perfect size, the iPad Mini does nothing for me, largely because Apple has been drilling hot amazing the retina screen is to me for so long I can't bring myself to purchase a device without it. The iPad 4 just makes me angry about my iPad 3.

I still love an Apple product, however, and considering I am the mobile gaming guy for Kotaku, I need easy access to gaming apps on iTunes.

The fifth generation iPod Touch has everything I need. It's got the A5 chip and 512mb of memory if the iPhone 4S, with the 1136x640 retina display of the iPhone 5. It's not nearly as powerful as the latest phone, but then I've never owned the latest phone so I don't notice a drop in performance.

I picked up the slate version of the iPod Touch with 32GB storage for $US299 from my local electronics retailer (should have gone with pink), and so far the only problem I've had is forgetting the 90g device was still in my pocket.

So really the fifth generation iPod Touch is my iPhone 4S without the phone bits, only thinner and with a sexier screen. Works for me.


    So how much exactly did you get paid by Apple to write this?

      Haha my thoughts exactly

        bahaha that and "cool story bro"

          270 words just to say "I bought a 5th gen IPod to play games"?

      So a guy writes an opinion article expressing pleasure with his new Apple product and he's been paid to write it.
      But if a guy writes an opinion article slamming Apple's products and calling them filth, while praising Android machines, would you ask the same question? Somehow I doubt it.

        No, then people would be claiming fanboi. And also perhaps how much he got paid.
        Cannot win really.

        They have a point, the article reads like an ad. A cold spruiking ad.

        Every man and his dog writes Apple opinion articles about their new Apple product. What's your point?

      Doubt he'd be paid to praise the touch but say he is unimpressed with the iPhone 5 and uninterested in the mini.

        Maybe even Apple are jumping on the anti-iPhone/iPad bandwagon?

      Not enough to bother typing properly apparently.

      He got an 5th Gen Ipod Touch. I thankyou :P

      Actually, I like this little opinion article, as I am an android user/fan who used to use an iPhone (more than a year ago), and was considdering doing something like this, purely for the games that don't work their way to Android (my preference would be to get more publishers to release for 'droid, but thats not going to happen anytime soon)

    Well this is definitely not an ad.

    On the other hand I would buy one, but nowhere stocks them! My old 2nd gen touch has had it.

      Am still using my 2nd gen touch. Showing its age though as sometimes it has minor hick ups. Only use it for music but it serves its purpose.

    Wait hold on this article is whack... iPod and iPhone as a gaming machine? yeah sure I'll just use my microwave to cook a 3 course meal... nah thanks

      He clearly states he's the mobile gaming guy for Kotaku. Like it or not the iPod touch and iPhone are just that, mobile gaming machines.

      Use a PC as a gaming machine? Are you crazy? Look at all those keys on the keyboard, it's obviously designed to type documents in and do spreadsheets.

      Yeah. Normal gamers go for portable game machines. 3DS and PS Vita.

    On that note, I wish Sony would make an PS Vita phone. It will happen.

      Beaten to it!!!

    I have an iPhone 5 and a PS Vita, and I love the nostalgia on the iPhone as I have Doom, Duke, Carmageddon, ROTT and Wolf 3D, but the quality of the games on the Vita are 10x better. Quality over quantity I guess, but for a long trip I feel the dedicated gaming Vita is my preference, I just cannot get enthralled in an iPhone game as well as something like Golden Abyss, or the amazing new AC3: Liberation...

    for someone thats looking at switching from an iphone 4 to a lumia 920 when they come out... this isn't a horrible idea... i like the look of the new ipod touch (more than the iphone 5 to be honest)... so perhaps i might pick one up... that said i'll still have my ipad 2... ah i dunno

    Yup.. grabbed a discounted iPad 3 (from Kogan and no I am not disappointed by the iPad 4 release) for basically gaming and videos.. I am very pleased too. It's an awesome gaming platform for certain types of games. I'll still be a PC gamer at heart but for gaming on the go, it's just so responsive and good looking. Was playing Asphalt 7: Heat on the train this morning.. crashed in a wall and out loud I say "Ooops!".. guy next to me gives me a funny look. :) It's really immersive stuff.. and games that were designed specifically for mobile platforums, like GTA: Chinatown Wars, are just awesome on the bigger screen. :)

    Last edited 31/10/12 9:56 am

      What firmware did it ship with if you dont mind me asking?

        Firmware.. hrmm.. You mean the iOS? I don't see any firmware listing.. but I see:

        Version 5.1.1 (9B206)

        I won't be upgrading to iOS 6 any time soon.

    How about an iPad mini for portable gaming? I would be considering that along with an iPod touch considering they are fairly evenly priced.

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