If You Collect Enough Coins In Mario, Nintendo Will Give You A Big... Coin

It's been a dream of mine since childhood. Shigeru Miyamoto walks up to me, smiling. He says, "Mark, for all your hard work, here is a dollar for every coin you've ever collected whilst playing Mario". Then we hold hands, skip through fields of barley for a while, have a picnic and then I wake up. BUT WHAT IF THE DREAM COULD COME TRUE. Kinda.

In Germany, Nintendo is offering players who are totally legit millionaires in New Super Mario Bros. 2 a free actual coin worth 220 Euros. Man, I need to move to play more NSMB2, pack up all my stuff, become a German resident, and then screencap with 3DS.

Actually, that seems like a lot of effort just for a frickin' coin.

I need to re-evaluate my life.

Nintendo Germany - Nintendo giving away real gold coins to New Super Mario Bros. 2 millionaires [GoNintendo]

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    Need to re-evaluate your life because your not already on the plane?

    The bastards have gold c64s too!!!!!

    just buy the coin off ebay?

    I thought my dreams were messed up.

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    You should probably clarify that it's only ONE person that'll get the gold coin (whoever has the highest submission when the date closes) and not that each person with at least 1 million coins will receive it.

    Hold hands, skip through fields of barley, and have a picnic? That sounds like what a girl would dream of!

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