Is Valve's Next Big Game A Space MMO?

Back in February some concept art, purportedly from Valve's next new game, leaked in a video uploaded to YouTube. In April, more video surfaced along with a cryptic code name, "SOB". Now some more landscapes have found their way into the wild, and rumour says it as a sprawling space MMO.

"Stars of Barathrum" is its working title, according to this forum thread on FacePunch. The last word in the working title comes from this character in Dota. "SOB" is also its in-house abbreviation, which could also mean Valve wants this stuff out in the wild, to have a little fun with everyone. Who knows.

There are about a dozen more shots in the FacePunch thread, some spacescapes and character concepts, mostly. We've pinged Valve to ask if this stuff is legitimate or if the company has any comment. It's a Saturday and they're on the west coast, so we may not hear back for a while. Any comment made will go here.

Stars of Barathrum — Openworld Space Game (New Valve IP) [FacePunch. h/t Jens H]


    this must be Half Life 3 shut up and take my money


    "The last word in the working title comes from this character in Dota."

    Tis Latin - means "Abyss"

    "sprawling space...." -AWSOME!



      +1 really hoping there is a comback to space sims, but hope that doesn't mean MMO

        You forgot the 'e'.

      Keeping in mind it's from Valve, I'd wager it'd still be a free to play game. That I can live with.

        that is true, Vavle certainly have a good track record for that.

    No one cares if Valve are makeing a space sim. Why? Simple. The guy that made Starlancer, Star Commander and came up with Freelancer is working on this:

    The ONLY reson this shit about the Vavle space game is comeing out now is cos of that game, so valve have to start woring on there propagander to get people in to theres insted.

      *I* care. I also pledged towards Star Citizen. And now I have another game to look forward to. I'm interested in what exactly Valve is going to do in the genre (if, indeed this rumour is correct). With these two and X:Rebirth, It's going to be a great couple of years.

        Your forgetting 0x10c, the Notch space game... tho I have no idea what it is. lol

      Totally on it with Roberts' new project. Freelancer done right this time is what I'm hoping for.

    the concept art is quite stunning, if there is any truth in these rumours then colour me intrigued.

    Half-Life expanded universe maybe?

    I've given up on MMO's due to time constraints and the such. But, if Valve made one, I'd deff give it a shot.

    Thats only a thory ATM. No one actully knows what it will be. The mmo thing is Koyaku guessing. Nothing more.

    Valve makes Homeworld 3! (which is super-unlikely because the property is back in the hands of its original developers, who should make the game themselves).

    Not a single Valve rumour I've paid attention to over the last year has come true.

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