Japan's Biggest Gamer Idol Isn't Thrilled With Resident Evil 6, Either

Add Haruna Anno, retro game idol and retro game museum curator, to the chorus of cries saying that Resident Evil has lost the plot.

Anno notes how Resident Evil is (er, was) the pinnacle of survival horror, and she seems upset that the series has gone from a survival horror game to a shooting game. "In short, because there's not that element of fear, that's basically saying, 'This doesn't even really need the Resident Evil moniker.'"

"At the very least, I want them to think about fear," she blogged. "Though, as a business, I think it's difficult to coordinate with the movies. But, perhaps the way it is now, Resident Evil will end at around RE7."

Anno isn't saying that Resident Evil *should* end, mind you. She's a fan of the series — and Capcom's games, too. However, RE sounds like it's getting worn, and perhaps it needs a refresh? A rethink? Or maybe a back to basics approach. That is, before it's too late.

In case you missed it, here's Kotaku's review of Resident Evil 6.

バイオ6発売前×海外の評価×楽しみ [Haruna Anno Official Blog]

(Top photo: tokyozukananno)
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    She is right - it is very hard for Games to maintain the Horror factor (Surprise would be more accurate). I remember Playing a Video game on Playstation for the first time in ten years and was jumped by a Dinosaur near the entrance to a facility in Dino-Crisis. But after that first Dino it was no longer scary. How do you maintain even that level of fear beyond one game into a second in a series if you cant maintain the fear aspect past the first encounter?

    Admittedly I prefer to play 'scary' games with the lights out and headphones on to help create atmosphere. I think it helps. Kind of hard to be scared of anything sitting in a bright lounge with people around during the day. :\

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