Let's Keep Talking About Bravely Default Until Square Enix Brings It Over

We still haven't heard a peep from Square Enix's North American offices about Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, a lovely-looking 3DS RPG that just came out in Japan last week. It's a real shame. I really want to play it.

Yesterday, RPGLand posted an interesting interview with Bravely Default producer Tomoya Asano. It's got a lot of neat details about the game, but more importantly, it has this little nugget:

RPGLand: Is there anything you'd like to say to our readers, in closing?

Mr. Asano: I know that we don't have plans to bring the game over to America yet, but thank you for your interest in the game. Keep talking about it on Facebook and Twitter, and keep watching for new info from us!

You heard the man. Let's never shut up about Bravely Default: Flying Fairy (and its ridiculous title) until Square agrees to bring it here. Deal?

Bravely Default "Now THAT's an RPG!" — Square Enix Interview with RPG Land [RPGLand]


    They'd be crazy not to bring it over if it's as good as it seems to be.

      Will it really be good though? I'm betting none of the CC titles sold that well in the west and it looks a hell of a lot like them.

    Doesn't really surprise me that they're not planning on bringing it over (yet). It'd be cool if they did though since from what I've seen it looks really good.

      Well, since the game hasn't even hit Japan yet (tomorrow!), of course there are no plans.

      The rest of the interview is pretty informative though. :) I'm mildly worried about the "casual difficulty level" and hope there are selectable difficulty settings because of that.

    Another entry in the "picking words randomly out of the English dictionary" school of J-RPG titling.

    Still waiting on ff type 0. Dont hold you breath.

    Would be cool if it was translated over in the UK... Real English!

    I'm sure we'll get it, 5 or 6 years down the road. With all the advancements in technology, we still haven't worked out a way to let more than one country have a game at a time. It's quite frustrating.

    I know nothing about this game but my mind was blown when I saw that Revo was doing the music. He is the man behind Sound Horizon, which have some downright amazing songs such as Thanatos and Yoiyami no Uta. I want this game now.

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