Nintendo Just Unveiled Its Own iTunes

It's called Recochoku (short for "Record-Chokusetsu" or "Record Direct"). And it looks to be Nintendo's take on iTunes.

The service begins this December in Japan, and there will be over a million songs available for purchase. You can purchase songs via the 3DS, but you must be a member of Club Recochoku to purchase songs for Recochoku.

It seems to essentially be a cloud based service. Songs that you purchase on Recochoku can be redownloaded to other portable devices, such as smartphones.


    will help some hopefully talented japanese artists achieve success, its not really applicable to usa i guess

    Why would people want to buy from nintendo rather than the more prominant ones?

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      Screw apple !

    Except no. Recochoku is an existing service owned by Avex Group. Its like iTunes but for the Japanese market. The service is simply coming to 3DS.

    1 MILLION SONGS!?!?!?!?!

    If that passes for a song service, then I should probably set up my own.

    Great research. Thanks for the link!

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