Objection! Phoenix Wright Is Getting New Voice Recordings

HOLD IT! I know it's for the best. I know it'll be better for everyone in the long term, but I've just heard the news that Ace Attorney 5 is going to have new, proper voice recordings to replace the old catchphrases SFX, and I don't know I feel about that!

In an interview with Japanese magazine Nintendo dream (as reported by Siliconera) the producers discussed the move away from the well known traditional SFX, and admitted it might be problematic for long term fans of the series.

But the reasoning behind the decision was two fold — the new sound architecture of the 3DS was making it difficult to translate the old SFX, particularly when it came the new 3DS surround sound capabilities. This, in addition to the fact the team wanted to create proper voices to match the game's new cut-scenes, meant that Ace Attorney 5 required a step forward in this area. The cut-scenes are going to be fully voiced, so reverting back to the old SFX for the game itself may have been a little jarring.

It's probably for the best. I remember really finding it difficult, for example, to get used to the fact that Guybrush Threepwood was talking with an American accent in Monkey Island III — but you get over these silly little details with time. Considering Phoenix Wright hasn't had a makeover since the GBA days, it might be an overdue reinvention.

Ace Attorney 5′s Phoenix Wright Will Inherit His Traits From Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney [Siliconera]

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    Wait so they're adding voiceover to the whole game? Ergo, terrible english dub with the usual crowd of 'actors' who are really excited about the can of soup ingredients they're reading to you?

    No thanks. :(


      It appears only the anime cutscenes will be voiced; even then, the guy playing phoenix in MvC is pretty good, so I can't imagine the voices being that bad. Well, for phoenix, anyway.

      Oh come now,! C'mon who do you think we'll end up with? North? Baker? Lowenthal? ;)

    Hopefully they'll add Japanese dubs???

    It better be goddamn perfect.

      I'm hoping they do dub it it english, sure it will be done by terrible American voice actors but I'd take that anyday over subs.

        Agreed, I just want it to sound like the current Phoenix Wright, maybe fine tuned for the age difference

    the guy who voiced him in marvel vs capcom was alright, i wouldn't mind him being the voice...

    i'm sure it'll be fine

      I completely agree, I sincerely hope they bring in the same guy to do the English version.

    I found the Phoenix Wright games had a much better translation than a lot of japanese games, hopefully they put the same effort in with voiceovers if they go down that path

      Nope. Lowenthal, Christiani and Mcderfaderf. I will be incredibly surprised if Yuri Lowenthal isn't playing at least 2 roles.

    Yeah... no voice dubs for me thanks.. "bleebleebleebleeblee" and "bloobloobloobloobloo" are all that's needed

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